KOS-MOS (the second one).

It was a really bad day at work – a series of unfortunate events kept happening as if all the universe was out to get me. However, I wasn’t upset about it, really. In fact, I was in a rather lighthearted mood today. As a result, all these things that happened to me, I just took them in stride. First, I found out that somebody broke into my office and stole my mail room key for the building. It was strange, but I wasn’t upset.

Then, Mom called and wanted me to take her to Sears to pick up the latest catalog. Although I was reluctant to do that, I still went anyway. However, when I went to start my car, my key wouldn’t go into the lock on the door.

Fast rewind. To explain why the key wouldn’t go into the door, I have to explain what happened yesterday. After lunch, I got a page for a call in Island Lake. Of course, that’s a depot site, which means that the user would have to ship the PC to me, so I had to go to the office to commit the call and contact the user. I did all that, and he would be sending the PC on Thursday, since that’s the only flight out this week. Looking at my queue, I saw that I really had nothing to do for the rest of the day, so I decided to run some errands. I had Colin and Pete’s paystubs, so I drove to the trailer and dropped them off to them. Then, I drove to Shell and filled up my gas tank. On a whim, I decided to wash my car, since it’s winter and I had to keep my car clean to avoid rusting and staining. I had visited the auto wash when James H had his van, so I decided to try them out, since I didn’t really feel like breaking a sweat. The wash did a good job, although the drying time could have been longer. Anyway, I drove straight home and parked the car in the garage to dry. Fast forward.

So, there must have been some water left in the keyhole that didn’t dry up overnight, which caused it to freeze in the cold weather outside today. I spoke to maintenance, and they suggested applying a lubricant they had in their workshop. I did, but it only created a mess when it ran down the door (however, on the upside, my key is now easier to slip into the keyhole). After that, they lent me an industrial dryer, which pretty much cooked my keyhole, but did the job. I was on my way once again.

I picked up Mom and helped her run her errands (as well as put more money into my Visa ^_^), then we went for lunch at A&W. Their chicken is really delicious! Anyway, after that, we got into the car, which was already covered in snow. By habit, I turned on the windshield wipers to clean away the snow, but that only resulted in popping them off the mechanism under the hood (which has happened to me many times before, so I’m quite familiar with that). So… no wipers.

So, that’s my story today. Otherwise, it was a rather boring day. I got kicked off WoW while playing, so I played Heartful Party instead, which is a doujin ma-jon PC game based on To Heart 2. I was actually playing the damn game last night until 1:00, which is pretty late for me (I’m supposed to be asleep between 22:00-23:00).

I got in the latest issue of sabra today. Kawamura Yukie is on the cover, and is the featured gravure model. They also included a clear file with her picture on it. After flipping through the magazine for a bit, it looks as though Natsukawa Jun has a new sabra mook coming out, so I’ll have to look for that.

PVC/Resin Statue

Yesasia was fast with this one – I only ordered it 6 days ago. I always order using the fastest shipping available. I may spend a lot more money, but I get my stuff in a timely manner. Anyway, the detail put into this KOS-MOS was pretty good… this model comes from the company, Alter. I really like the pose and the hair, but the stand is kind of plain, as you can see from the photos above. I can’t wait to see the figure from Mon-Sieur BOME – although the pose is very simple, she’ll be standing on a Zohar – talk about cool.


Current Music: Hitoto You – Yubikiri
Album: & (Limited Edition or Normal Edition)

I really loved Hito Omoi, so I immediately snatched this one up before the Limited Edition could go OOP, which happened to me with Hito Omoi (I’m still looking for the Limited Edition of that album). Although Hito Omoi was easy to get into, this was not the case with & – it took several listens before I could get into this one, but once I did, I really found myself enjoying the songs. The album opens with the upbeat Banana millefeuille, and follows with the extremely cute HOTCH Kiss. All her newest singles are on this one, but I especially liked Yubikiri – the melody was very good. I’m a melody kind of person, and I’ll go for melody before lyrics or musical arrangement, which is why I enjoy Joe Satriani more than Steve Vai. Satch is very melody oriented while Vai is just weird, although his classic album, Passion & Warfare, was pretty good. Most of his latest offerings have been very strange and experimental at best, though I did enjoy his song, Building The Church, from his latest album, Real Illusions: Reflections. Wait… how did I get off-topic like that?

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