Laaaaast night…

I finished burning my anime off, which left room for moving Office Space over. Watching a movie on a 17″ LCD as compared to a 15″ LCD makes a difference. Anyway, by the time the anime was done burning, Esmond finished playing FFX, I got a call from Chris about a bible study at 4:00 PM. By that time, it was around 2:00 PM, so I quickly ate lunch and then Esmond and I watched Office Space.

“Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta…”


After that, I went to the bible study, and even Chandra joined us. How nice to have an extra person to study with. Hopefully, I’ll get comfortable enough to study with many people in the future. When I got back from the bible study, I played Tekken 4 and unlocked all the hidden characters and completed some of their endings too. Fun! By the time I was finished playing, our dinner guests had arrived. My dad works with this guy named Vinko who is retiring, so my parents invited him and his wife for dinner. Remember Danny, who used to work at RadioShack with me? Well, Vinko is his uncle. It really is a small town.

After the guests left, I checked on my latest JDrama downloads, but the power shut everything off due to the huge storm outside. When I turned my systems back on, two of the files were acting flaky and I couldn’t even delete them, so I set my system to do a full scandisk overnight.

This morning, I went to delete them (safely from the command prompt), and it worked, so I requeued them up for download. Well, it’s back to work for me now.

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