Laptop Nyo!~

I can’t wait to get my new laptop tomorrow! Although since I’m putting it on layaway, it won’t actually be tomorrow… but still… I’m ALMOST getting it. Yeah. I’m halfway there. ^_^

Has anybody seen this crazy guy pass Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes?? It’s insane!! I tried to play it, but the GBA version is too different. They got rid of the second whistle in the fortress. Those big jerks.

Played a bit of Sword Of Mana and Love Hina Advance. Both are really good games. I gotta get an EZF for my GBA so I can just download and play games on my GBA. It sux0rz playing on computer, no matter how good a gamepad I get. Oh well…


Current Anime: Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien – 10 to 11 [Lunar]
Current Manga: Love Love – 1 to 2 [ShoujoMagic]

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  1. littlefreeze says

    I totally agree with you on the gameboy thing. I’ve been trying to play a PoT (Prince of Tennis) game on my computer and I’ve decided, I’d be a lot better if I was playing it on GBA not my computer.


  2. totoromelody says

    ^_^;; Okay to ask~? You play TeniPuri on your computer?? I d/led something or other but have no idea how to… >_> Which game are you playing exactly? And mind if I ask for some tips?? Because I don’t have a PS/PS2/GB/video game machine thing -_-;; and wouldn’t know how it would work on the computer either. ^o^;;;

    : Ah~ You got a new laptop?? Cool~ ^^ Now you can do stuff that you normally do on the computer EVERYWHERE. *envy* :P

  3. Yeah, it’s a very cool idea, the only problem being that the darned EZF thingy costs $200 US… X_x

  4. For computer, I usually use SNES9X for my SNES games and VisualBoy Advance for my GBA games. If you google them, you should be able to download, otherwise, I’ll send you the files.

    Hehehe, new laptop! Actually, I used to have a laptop, but it wasn’t powerful enough to watch anime on, so I sold it to my cousin’s wife. I’ve been patiently waiting for a year (out of pure stubbornness, actually) to get a good one, and the waiting has finally paid off!

  5. totoromelody says

    ^^; Going back to this post XD; I managed to d/l a VisualBoy
    Advance but have no idea how to.. uh, play. Do you use a joystick? Is there anyway to use a keyboard?? XP I hardly see you online anymore. But then again, I don’t come online as often cuz of skool… take care~ its cold!

  6. totoromelody says

    XD; never mind i figured them out to be z, x, a, s. but doesn’t matter cuz i actually don’t know how to play the game. o_o; first time in such a long time since i don’t own any game consoles and plus.. :P the game’s in japanese. XD;;

  7. I’m mostly on IRC these days… sometimes, if I’m feeling 懐かしい, I’ll log on to MSN.

    And yes, 寒いだよ!! ~_~ brr brr

  8. Get one of those Logitech Wingman gamepad controllers for $30 (or $60 for the cordless one). Using the keyboard is very troublesome for these console games. Especially if you plan to play a lot of them. ^_^

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