Layaways Suck.

Well, I put down more than half for the laptop, an 802.11b LAN CardBus adapter, and a screen guard. I ended up going with the Compaq Presario 2195CA laptop, which is sweet with gobs of RAM and proc power. The only downside is the small 40 GB hard drive, but I won’t be doing much with the laptop other than watching anime and drawing manga. By all rights, I should’ve saved up for this darn laptop a looooooooong time ago. I’m just a dancing fool! Now, I have to wait to get my laptop, unless I can get an advance of some kind or make some easy money on the side… fixing computers suck, so I guess it’s off to sell myself on the streets… X_x Nonono, just kidding. I’d never do that, not for any laptop. Well… maybe for an Apple G5 iBook. ^_^;;

I’m so happy! I finally have the Final Fantasy VII OST downloaded! Ureshii yo!~ I’ve been waiting a long time to get it, but it’s no longer available to buy, so downloading it is the next best thing. In my opinion, FF7 is the best FF, and is the one against which I measure all other FF games. The same goes for the music. In my opinion, Uematsu-san doesn’t even seem to be trying anymore, now that he’s a gamer’s household name.

I’m angry at my company. They totally screwed me over on my paycheck this pay period. I’ve been working straight 12 hour days since the second week of December, and what did I have to show for it? A less than average paycheck because they decided to do the same thing as last year – cut down on paying their employees legitimately! They chose to pay us two ways – either from all our hourly wages or 13% of our earned profit for the store – whichever is higher. I’ve been having a rather bad week, and I’m not a bad salesman by any means – but I do like to spend a bit more time with my customers. Dennis was telling me how he spends certain amounts of time with customers so he can concentrate on selling, but he’s missing out on one of the most major strategies of selling – building rapport with customers and gaining their trust. And exactly how do you gain the trust of your customers within 5 minutes? Gimme a break, fool.

Anyway, back on topic. The company decided to pay me on the basis of my hours and OT. So… where’s all my hard-earned commission, you big jerks? I think it’s high-time I start looking for a new job. But, not right away. My regular paychecks are better than this December crap they gave us, so I’m gonna go get my MCAD training and A+ certification, then I’ll go get a job. That shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to spend $1000 on Visual Studio .NET to start my programming. Holy enchiladas. In the meantime, I want my laptop and my Wacom tablets.

I made some killer pasta today for the whole family. They all loved it. Hell, I loved it. Now, if only I could easily have the same resources to do some Japanese cooking…

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