I’m lazy. Updating would be easier if I felt like typing. I’m… so… lazy…

Moved James-see into his new apartment. It looks good so far. Started watching Scrapped Princess at his urging. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s gotten much better since the fourth episode, and NOW I’m really interested.

Now I have to move the rest of my stuff back to my parents. That means… going through the closet and drawers in my room and geting rid of it all, since all of it is Eugene’s. No… I hate moving… but at least my J-Pop and shanshinshu will be in my room. Gotta start scanning in all those Maxim mags so I can get rid of them. No need for all that extra paper.

Anyway… I’ll update some more at home… later… or next week… or next month.

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  1. Wow. .you’re moving. . I didn’t know that. . THANKS FOR KEEPING ME INFORMED!!! Some friend you are!!! >__

  2. I’m not actually moving – I moved back to my parents a long time ago, remember? I just never actually took all my stuff with me… ^_^ *procrastinates*

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