Leave Me Alone!

Okay, I’ve been quiet for too long.

Why can’t everybody just leave me alone? Everybody wants me for some reason or another! Yesterday, when Ka-Ka and Perrie were visiting, Tom came over to ask me for the pictures he took of a burnout competition held on Sunday. Then, I got called by James, who wanted me to pick up a game for him at the post office! Right after that, Megan called and asked me to do a favor for her. Goddammit, people, you live in this town and you know what happened! Don’t you know the meaning of the words, “in mourning”? Don’t you know that’s why our families are spending time together even though we haven’t done so for two years?? Why don’t people in this fucking town respect the deceased at all??? Fine, go ahead and call me, because I ain’t picking up the phone! Maybe you people will grow a clue for once! I don’t want to do anybody any favors right now! I may look or sound happy on the outside, but I ain’t on the inside. My LJ may be silly and funny, but nobody wants to hear a lot about how I feel on the inside. I don’t hate any of you, but you’re really pissing me off, people!!!

Also, I don’t care if Eugene invites you over for movies, you shouldn’t be visiting us unless you’re family or paying your respects to my goo-cheung. Eugene is Canadianized, but he’s a minority in this family. Take him away somewhere, he’s disgraceful and disrespectful, and puts his friends above his family.

If you’re one of these people and you’re reading this, don’t even TRY to be pissed off. You have no right to be angry. You KNOW what you did and you deserve every word of spite I made.

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