Leon is king of the C-Pop world!!!

Damn, I love Leon’s music! I’m just listening to the MP3’s I ripped recently, and I’m going through all of Leon’s albums at the moment. Damn, I still need to get his The Red Shoes remix album.

Today, I bought a blue turtleneck fleece shirt. I loved the color and design of the simple shirt. It’ll keep me warm in the winter and on my way to work tomorrow. It’s getting colder now, which is a sign that winter is coming. James-see and I went to Popeye’s for lunch after shopping, and we fed the seagulls some fries. Man, their food is the best. Homemade burgers and fries. Yum! I haven’t had deep-fried in a loooooooong time, not since I’ve been getting sick all month long. So far, I’m doing much better, but I fear the next time I get sick, so I’m trying my best to eat regularly and eat healthy food too. Lots of fruits and juices as well. I’m also spending less time on the computer. That’s bad, I guess. Looks like Kitty Kitty Koukou might not be happening anytime soon. My Japanese lessons have been sitting idle. I need to set myself a schedule to learn. Also, I’m starting to think about making several large purchases before paying off my debts. Argh, I really DON’T need an HDTV, or Dolby Digital 5.1 sound in the living room, but new comps, J-Pop, C-Pop, and Anime stuff is a must. Gotta focus, gotta focus…

Well, a car would be a good investment, though. Need a car. Hopefully, a Civic SI or Civic Coupe. Something I can trick out later. Right now, though, the 1983 Accord LX seems to be the car I’ll be using until I can afford a better car. How will I be able to finance a car if I’m still $16,000 in debt anyway???

And I’m still lonely. News of Ian and Alanna makes me happy, but powerful lonely. Maybe I should stop all contact with everybody so that I won’t feel so bad like this. I get this ache in my heart like I’m gonna stop, like I’m gonna withdraw from this world to forget my emptiness. But, I must be strong. Nobody really needs love anymore, anyway. I’ll just love the new ThinkPad and Apple G4 I plan to get. Hehehehe. Who am I kidding? Myself, of course. But, it’s rather convincing, since I’ve been doing it for many years. I’ll continue to do it. I won’t meet anybody. I’m sorry to say, but women scare me, and the alternative lifestyle kinda scares me. If I ever do meet somebody, I want somebody Chinese or Japanese. As long as I live here in this crap town, nobody like that will ever come here. Plus, now that I’m with Radio Shack, I have even less time to socialize.

Good news, though… I get paid this Friday! Yay! Money for soba and udon! I gotta start learning how to REALLY cook. Like, cook the traditional Chinese and Japanese dishes. I’d love to use the techniques employed by my people. Can you imagine it? I wouldn’t only be a master IT pro and computer tech, but with hard work, I could be a Japanese linguist, a doujinshi manga-ka, a Chinese/Japanese chef, a violin and guitar virtuoso, and a PC-modder. I’d be… higher than l33t! I’d be like a g0d!!! Well, okay, let’s not take it THAT far. Still, it’d be cool to have all those skillz at my disposal.

Well, I’ve ranted enough. Time to get ready for bed. I got another week of work coming up. Yahoo!

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  1. Wow I didn’t know you like Leon.
    I really liked his early to mid 90s stuffs.
    But I guess when he went to SONY he started getting into dancy songs.
    I prefer his movie Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Tim Mut Mut)
    I am sooo out of HKPop right now

    Oh ya I want to ask you if you use ICQ, AIM or anything?

  2. Yeah, I think he’s kind of a dry actor, even though his movies are kinda good. I like his dance songs, they are very catchy, and not a lot of HK-Pop/C-Pop male vocalists sing this style (remixes don’t count). He still has the occasional good ballads, so it’s kind of like a best of both worlds.

    I use AIM and MSN, actually. I tried to reply to your e-mail, but I got it back saying that your inbox was too full or something. Hahahaha. I know how that is, and it’s a pain in the butt to check Hotmail since it’s sooooooooooooo slooooooow.

  3. Ya he is good at doing ballads.

    Oh ok I deleted some of my e-mail
    What is your AIM name?
    Mines is blurasis88 on AIM
    Ya kind of interesting seeing your webcam at this moment hehehe

  4. Hehehe, yep. Webcams rock. I hope to upgrade so I can get a higher quality picture.

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