Lightning Service.

I came in to the office this morning, expecting my second order of manga from Amazon to be there. The mail hadn’t arrived yet, so I was still a little early. So, I decided to track the package and see where it was (in the world). I logged on to Gmail, opened the e-mail with my order, copied the tracking number, and went to the Canada Post website. Just as I was about to put the tracking number in, the package was given to me. What exceptional service!! However… out of curiosity, I decided to see where Canada Post thought the package was at the moment. I put in the tracking number, waiting for the results…

2005/01/17 21:04 MISSISSAUGA, ON - Received/processed at sortation facility

やっぱり。 ^_^

So, yesterday, at the end of the day, I call my boss to ask him some questions. The guy goes and tells me to make sure that certain things are done in a certain way – when I have been doing them all along from day one. I don’t know what his useless techs are doing in Winnipeg and abroad, but it was enough for his boss to give him crap about it, which then filtered down to all of us. Right now, my queue is quite high, but this is mostly because the freaking clients don’t want to return my calls! I would go and fix their PCs if they’re not there, but should there be an off chance that I could get crap for it, I won’t take the risk.

I swear, two more years of this doesn’t seem possible, but I would like to get rid of my bills and have a substantial amount of savings in my bank account. After that, then I can start thinking about going back to school. I plan to take some drawing classes and whatnot. I want to improve the curviture and smoothness of my lines first, since that only comes through practice. I also want to work on speed and accuracy. It’s a long-term plan, but it’s more than what most people can come up with in this world. Esmond is almost at his last year in high school, and he doesn’t even have a solid grasp of what he wants to do, just a vague impression of what he’d be interested in.

Oh, well. Time to go clear up this work queue of mine, if anybody’s there.

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