[Live] Aikawa Nanase – Ai No Uta (Feat. Marty Friedman)

The Queen Of J-Rock.

Marty flies across the fretboard.

This song is so amazing – the melody cannot be described by words. I haven’t heard an awesome single like this since Owarinai Yume. What’s best about this live version is the fact that Marty Friedman lent a hand (or an axe, rather) to the performance. As expected of the frontman, he puts forth a nice rendition of the song’s solo. For those who don’t know, Marty was the former lead guitarist of Megadeth. (Torrent: PMM)

Work, work, work. It doesn’t let me update my damn LiveJournal or my FictionPress. I’ve got a new series in the works too, so I’m hopeful about that one. I just got in my ATI Radeon X800 Pro video card, so I’m really happy about it. I can finally play Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War, and I picked up The Need For Speed Underground 2 last week, as well as World Of WarCraft, which I can’t even play until Blizzard puts the servers up on Tuesday. Ah, it’s a good season for gaming. Ragnarok Online is now a piece of history in my life, and I expect great things from WoW that RO could never do. However, I’m currently working on creating modules for Neverwinter Nights – I hope to create models that can have sprites skinned over. RO characters in NWN! It may become a reality. Onward and upward!

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