Long Day

Not much happening. James-see started working at the restaurant on Thursday. Dad called him to do some deliveries for the restaurant on Wednesday because Eugene went to Winnipeg for a month and I got back to work on Wednesday. I guess James-see was in real dire need of income to keep his van, so this is the result. Now James does deliveries and works the deep fryer.

The past few days have been bad for sales, but I managed to catch up a bit – I sold two computers and tons of EWP’s. Also, some shocking news – my DSM, Tim, is no longer my DSM. George, the Loss Prevention officer who canned Stacy last year, is the new DSM now. Ho, boy. I sense a rough year ahead of us.

So… I finally found a 八六!! There were only two of them available in all of Canada through the Trader, and they were both in Edmonton. One was black, and it wasn’t really in that great shape. The other was almost like a Panda, but silver instead of white. It was in better shape, and the mileage was a little better. I can’t wait to get a Trueno! I just need money for it, but that one was only $3000, so I have plenty of room to grow within the next year.

Current Anime: Initial D – 6 [P-A]
Current J-Drama: Hito Ni Yasashiku – 1 [JEM], Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Live – 6 [T-N]

Additional Resources

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