Long Live Amazon.com!

I guess I should’ve mentioned in my past post, I received my order of Hamasaki Ayumi singles from CDJapan on Friday. I didn’t open it until AFTER seeing Kim that day. Amazing how much power girls have. It’s almost frightening.

So, tonight was Halloween. I dressed up as a shirt ninja, and changed my RS name tag to “Ninja Hann”. Hahahaha. When I got to the WP, I found my Amazon.com parcel sitting on the table. Wow! My Spider-Man DVD Gift Box Set arrived a day earlier than the release date! Kick 4$$! I imagine I won’t be opening the sucker all too often.

Anyway, I was loading a delivery into the van when Kim spotted me. She was dressed like a hippie girl – bandanna scarf a la Hamasaki Ayumi, short skirt, flower bag – and even though I haven’t thought it before, she was sexy! I still can’t believe that I said it to her out loud (O_O!!!). I mean, what the heck does this girl find so appealing about me??? I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so self-deprecating, but I’ve been a g33k all my life and I still consider myself one, even though I dress really well and socialize a bit more than I used to. In the g33k world, I’m like a celebrity of g33k chic, but in the real world, I’m just a notch below average. Kim is what I would consider as out of my league. She’s a Mary Jane to my Peter Parker. But, I digress.

I’m really starting to get familiar with the staff at the Boys & Girls Club. Everybody there knows that I’m after Kim. Umm… duh, I guess that’s why I go there now. Today, I found myself helping Kim to decorate and clean up a bit. Heh. Soon, I’ll be helping her out full-time. Hahahaha. The sad thing is, we haven’t even had a real date yet. Well, at least we’re in the friend zone. It’s bad, though, I have to break past that zone or else I’ll be in it forever. We gotta go on a real date soon, or else I can kiss any chance with her good-bye.

Well, not ANY chance.

Anyway, after getting home, BOTH Scribe and James-see watched Spider-Man with me together. Our first movie together as roommates! Cool.

I can’t stand Chad Kroeger.

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  1. losthorizons says

    You are so right about that friends zone. Once you’re stuck there, you won’t be able to get out of it EVER! I think that you should make a move on her, ask her out to a movie. Best date movies are the scary ones, so when she gets scared you’re there to protect her…*chuckles evily*. Good luck, she sounds like a fine catch!

  2. Yeah, movies are great, but I’m also scared of the scary movies! Hahahaha.

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