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Yada Akiko

I never talk about my past loves, do I? I recently had a chance to chat to that one past love, the one I left behind, the one I can never forget. She has a new boyfriend now, and although it breaks my heart, they’ve been together for almost a year now. It seems as though she hasn’t forgotten about us as well, and we had a long discussion about it. In the end, it seems as though we should continue the way we are – any attempt to try and bring back what we had would just end up with more problems than we have right now. I ended up writing a massive e-mail to her (yes, even larger than my average blog entry!!). It’s pretty sappy as all hell, and I would even admit to reading over it again with a tissue.

We agreed to continue to correspond by e-mail, since we never seem to be able to chat on MSN due to work and stuff. Life can be cruel sometimes, but I’ve learned to accept this fate a long time ago. Sometimes, though, I’ll come across a song that totally bring back those fond memories we had together so long ago…

We had the most innocent love young teens could ever have. We never even kissed, and the most romantic thing we did was hold hands. It was so gratifying just to be able to spend time with her.

Some tragic romantic past, eh? Ooh, I’m a man with a past. ^_^

Like I told her in that massive e-mail, I can still continue to live, grow, and learn. I can make myself happy in many little ways, and I am. Don’t get me wrong, that kind of love is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and although it was great, I don’t want to experience it again because I want to only treasure this one.

If I ever meet a nice Japanese girl like I planned, I want a solid relationship and not just blissful love with no plan for the future. After all, love and sex are overrated. People risk so much to have these things, and in the end, they’re left with nothing. I want a solid foundation built underneath so that we can at least communicate and make each other happy in other ways. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be love (despite the title of this blog entry), but love can grow from any relationship. That kind of love is the love that’s built from hard work and compromise.

Started watching R.O.D. TV. There are times when the story shoots along at an action pace, and there are times when there are plain, slice-of-life episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I like those a lot. I heard that ARIA is being made into an anime. That will be cool.

YesAsia is having problems locating Tommy airline for my order. As a result, they’ve shipped the rest of my order. WTF… why the hell is that CD out of print? I really hate how full albums go OOP in Japan so damn early. For example, try to find a copy of the first Ai Yori Aoshi soundtrack. You won’t be able to – it went OOP not even a week or two after its release date!! Now, I refuse to buy Taiwanese versions because I’m an enthusiast and an otaku. Don’t even talk to me about bootlegs, I hate those damn things.

Jazmine and I started doing the whole website thing. Our first client, incidentally, will be Pat’s sister, Bobby. She wants a site done for her stores. I’ve already started writing up a contract for website services, although it won’t be put into use until we get a few clients, establish ourselves, and basically start a legal business. According to Dad, though, we can continue to make money under the table until we start making over $30,000 a year, then we have to apply for a business license.

Current Music: KOTOKO – Lament

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