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Wednesday was a hard day. But, I think it made me tougher now. Our stock didn’t arrive on Tuesday. We all assumed that stock would arrive on Friday instead. ちがいます。

The stock arrived on Wednesday. Lee was off. Dan was the only other help I had. Customers needed help. I was about to take my lunch break. The delivery guys were missing a guy. There were 170 huge boxes of inventory. So, in the freezing cold, I had to grab everything myself. I had to decide where to place stock. I was hungry, cold, tired, and losing hope of ever finishing the job. But, I did. Midway through it all, I seemingly gathered strength from out of nowhere. I made a silent prayer to Gohanzan. I even asked Dan to help, but he steadfastly refused.

As a result, though, the whole ordeal made me have the itch again, so I hiked it to Wal-Mart during my lunch break, saw Shenmue II for XBox, and decided to buy the XBox and the game. I even went so far as to buy the first season of South Park on DVD. Damn. So much for my HDTV payment this month…

I have only played my new XBox once since I bought it. Why did I do that? I should have bought a new digital camera. I had enough for one.

Anyway, since my plan to pay off my HDTV quickly is shot and X-Mas is coming up, I’ll have to concentrate on buying gifts, and I’ll need every penny I can get. If I have enough money leftover, though, maybe I’ll get myself the digital camera as a Christmas gift to myself. Yeah.

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  1. Ewww…XBox….shame on you!

  2. But at least I can say that I have every game system that’s out right now. :P

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