Ma Lein

Kung Hay Fat Choi!

Well, not much is happening. I’ve been staying at my parents’ house ever since the weekend, waiting for the Chinese New Year to come creeping by. It’s the Year of the Horse, or Ma Lein in Cantonese, which happens to be my year. Thank Buddha, because I sure need it, what with the downhill focus of my life so far.

I have to fix my baby brother’s computer. It really needs it, since it’s connecting to a 384 Kbps DSL line at only 7 KBps. Ouch. Anyway, not a lot has happened. I just received my Japanese PS2 in the mail. I was so glad when that arrived. In actuality, it arrived on the 8th, but I never checked the front door for the UPS notice slip. Usually, they leave it in the mailbox, but I guess they forgot this time. So, I finally got a chance to play my A Visual Mix. It’s only like the best concert DVD ever! I can’t really say that it’s a game, it’s more like an interactive concert DVD album with a few selected songs. You can pan around Ayumi while she’s performing and zoom in and out. It’s truly great technology we’re seeing here. I liked how you had to find all the video clips in the 360 degree construction of the Tokyo Dome concert platform. They even had the video clip where Ayu-san was teaching the audience how to dance to Trauma. Then, on the second DVD, you can play and mix two more songs like a live DJ. It was a nice touch, but I think that there should have been more songs. All in all, I think that interactive DVDs should be moving forward in this direction in the future. On a sidenote, I also saw the intro for Tokimeki Memorial 3, and the animation is impressive, but I haven’t played it yet. That kind of game requires lots of vegging time. Hehehe!

I also pulled out Dance Dance Revolution and the DDR dance pad controller. It’s so hard! I think it’s because I’ve never really done any dancing before, so I just need to coordinate my feet a little bit more. DDR should help with that. I guess I’d better practice with this before moving on to Para Para Paradise!

Well, I think I’d better sleep now, since I can’t stay up late for my mom. One of the New Year customs is to stay up all night long after Chinese New Year’s Eve so that your mother will live longer. My mom and I were going to stay up late for her and my grandmother. However, since the restaurant is opening tomorrow, I can’t. My dad would kill me!

Well, not much else to say. Prosperity and good luck to everybody in the New Year! Ja ne!

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