Make your own Engrish

I entered the following text into Altavista’s Babelfish Translation.

“I can’t believe it’s snowing outside! It’s been snowing for two days already! I hope it stops snowing soon.”

I translated it to Japanese, took the Japanese text that followed, and pasted it to translate back to the following English:

“I that cannot believe that the snow falls at outside! As for that 2 days already the snow falls! I desire the fact that the fact that that falls the snow directly is stopped.”

Somebody kill me before I die of laughter! ^_^

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  1. blushycyootie says


    i usually use that to do my spanish hw =Þ

    yea when i paste spanish/chinese back in, it usually comes out as messed up english ¬¬;…

  2. It’s so funny. Natural Engrish, I guess??? Hahahaha.

  3. blushycyootie says

    heh ^___^

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