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Just a quick post here.

I had heard the rumors, but I didn’t dare to believe it until I saw it with my own eyes on Neowing… the live-action movie for Sakigake!! CROMARTIE Koukou was released on DVD!!!

I’ve been giving rides for AM and Mom to the restaurant for several mornings (which, in turn, make me late for work), and the restaurant has been paying me $5 each ride, which is fine. AM came up with the idea to defer payment for a couple months so that it would be a lump sum payment rather than several small payments. Well, I just got paid a little under $200, which brings me back to the topic of the first paragraph.

I ordered the CROMARTIE movie, limited edition in a Mechazawa tin can. On top of that, I decided to order Kadena Reon’s LEON idol DVD, which is my most favorite idol video. I think I might order that flamboyant artbook I wanted as well (see previous post), but we’ll see. I’m supposed to fix a PC today, so if that happens and I get paid, I’ll probably go ahead with that.

Edit: I fixed, I got paid, I ordered flamboyant. ^^


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