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Have I mentioned before that I LOVE this magazine? Bishoujo anime from front to back. Big posters of cute anime girls. Several pictures of anime girls and game girls. It’s a bishoujo otaku’s heaven! Plus, they sometimes have extra goodies in there, like my May issue, which had Azumanga Daiou character cut-outs! Whoo-hoo! Chiyo-chan, Sakaki, Tomo-chan, and Ayumu on my desk! Yahoo! <SIGH> But, what I really would like is the giant Onegai Teacher pillow. In case you haven’t noticed, I looooooooove bishoujo anime. It’s my most favorite genre. So, yes, I’ll watch Sailor Moon over Akira any day. Hahaha, if anybody was to ask when I act like a girl, this is definitely one of those times.

I put my KareKano CD into my CD-RW drive. What do you know… the CD works in there. I can finally rip it! YAHOO!!

I made my sixth J-Pop Collection CD for the van. The old tunes got boring quickly. This time around, though, I decided to work with only singles that have been released since May. So, I gathered together all of my favorites songs and edited all the MP3’s to remove the leading and trailing silence in each track. Once that was done, I decided to fool around with crossfading the tracks. After burning the CD, I had a pretty cool non-stop J-Pop CD. Sugoi!! Ano… if you’re interested, here’s the track list (yeah, yeah, I’ll be nice and list it in Romaji):

(01) Shimatani Hitomi: Shanty
(02) BoA: Don't start now (Japanese Version)
(03) Uehara Takako: GLORY - Kimi ga Iru Kara -
(04) HAL: al di la
(05) V6: Feel your breeze
(06) Morning Musume: Do It! Now
(07) Nakashima Mika: Helpless Rain
(08) Imai Eriko: Our Relation
(09) Hirai Ken: Strawberry Sex
(10) Aikawa Nanase: Owarinai Yume
(11) Hamasaki Ayumi: independent
(12) hiro: Notice my mind
(13) Kouda Kumi: love across the ocean
(14) Do As Infinity: under the sun
(15) Yaida Hitomi: Andante
(16) The Brilliant Green: Rainy Days Never Stays
(gotta love Engrish)
(18) dream: SINCERELY ~ever dream~

I would’ve added Aiuchi Rina: Sincerely Yours, but I didn’t have enough room on the CD, so… besides, I liked NAVY BLUE better, and that would’ve made it, but it was released before May, so… no go.

I’m waiting impatiently for my Azumanga Daiou and .hack//SIGN CDs!!! Now, I wanna order the Chobits and Fruits Basket OSTs!! Dammit, somebody stop me before I spend again!!! Hey… I don’t have the To Heart OST yet. Gotta get that too.

It’s sad. I’ve been getting so much inspiration to draw from Megami, but I haven’t been able to sit down and draw!!! Making the J-Pop 06 CD took some time out of my hands (editing MP3z is a pain in the a$$), and drawing at work is hard because my attention span gets spread out if it’s busy. Not that I’m not allowed to draw at work. It’s just that it gets so busy and then so boring in so short a time that to suddenly lose my concentration when I worked so hard to achieve it gets frustrating, so I don’t even try. Man, now I hope I don’t get that job at Crappy Shack. I need the time back. I’ll just have to work harder and spend less – yeah, right!!!

So, this entry was an ode to bishoujo. I wanna move to Japan!

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  1. Nice song selections (owarinai yume! :D) a few of those were on my personal “i’ll download that song when i’m bored!” list though.. LOL i can’t understand the engrish Tomoko says in that Rainy Days Never Stays song, it’s like “i will find the answer in my heart” and then some garble about Rainy Days ;p But i like it. “Shanty” is probably my fav song on that list though. But.. if you had put Sincerely Yours on, that might have changed my opinion! Navy Blue was better though, I do admit. Or any of her 1st album songs :D

    heh bishoujo anime eh? well i used to be obsessed with Wedding Peach, that was after my Sailormoon obsession, so I can relate! Utena is one of my all-time fav’s, but I guess that’s just regular shoujo..

  2. Hehehe, well, technically, Sailormoon isn’t really bishoujo either, but it was my shoujo link to bishoujo anime. Bishoujo usually entails dramatic elements and less (or no) anime influences like mecha, big guns, youma, ki-blast martial arts, etc. If you ever get a chance to watch To Heart, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a great example of the extreme bishoujo known as renai.

    I like Shanty a lot too, but right now, it’s gotta be Don’t start now that’s my favorite. I like BoA, she’s the only artist I know that can sing in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English. Kick-ass.

  3. I have the To Heart series. There’s a lot of those like Sentimental Journey or Boys Be, which don’t have any drama going on, just happy-as-ever friendship/relationships.. also, the cutesy animation on them plays a large part.
    My favorite relationship story was Hana Yori Dango, because it was a small emphasis on perfect-looking characters, while maintaing a dramatic love story.. I also like Brother Dear Brother and Marmalade Boy.

    BoA still needs to work on the english, but it doesn’t really matter right noww.. Kimochi wa Tsutwaru is my fav by her, but i like Don’t Start Now too.

  4. I love To Heart!! The art is amazing and every episode leaves you with a warm feeling inside. As for Sentimental Journey, I have the Sega Saturn game but not the anime. I also only have the first fansubbed episode of Hana Yori Dango, mostly because it isn’t released on HK DVD yet! GRR!! I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about buying the Japanese DVDs if I have to wait any longer…

    Are you serious? BoA’s English has improved so much! Just listen to the English version of ID:Peace B and then to the English version of Don’t start now. You’ll notice quite a big difference.

  5. I like these choices on your CD:

    Shimatani Hitomi: Shanty
    BoA: Don’t start now (Japanese Version)
    Uehara Takako: GLORY – Kimi ga Iru Kara –
    HAL: al di la
    Imai Eriko: Our Relation
    Aikawa Nanase: Owarinai Yume
    Hamasaki Ayumi: independent
    hiro: Notice my mind
    Kouda Kumi: love across the ocean
    Do As Infinity: under the sun
    Yaida Hitomi: Andante

    Those are some of my FAVORITE artists, as Ayu is #1 you know ^_~ “Amairo no Kame no Otome” is still my fav by Shimatani Hitomi >D Especially the remix, OMG!! +_+ It’s so . . . TRIBAL and D&B!!! *_* Too bad I still need to hack it to get it to rip >\ I like Ken a LOT, but “Strawberry Sex” jus’ wasn’t my fav :\ Haven’t heard Chemistry’s new “Floatin'” single, but their album “You go your way” was aight :\ They kinda were kewl, but then I grew outta them. Exile ownz! >D I’m tired and really can’ comment on the rest, too much effort X_x bah~ but overall good collection, let’s go to JAPAN!! :D

  6. That sounds like an awesome CD!! I might have to make one along those lines (thanks for putting the list down, hehe).

    > BoA: Don’t start now (Japanese Version)

    Her English in this song is definitely much better than in other songs .. lol. She’s so talented to be able to sing in so many different languages; very skillfully, might I add. Love her!

    > Do as Infinity: under the sun

    What a great song .. and Van Tomiko is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen .. *ahem* – anyway!

    Which .hack//SIGN CD are you getting? The OST’s are *amazing* – I listened to them at the Kinokuniya bookstore when I went there a few days ago, you’ll love it I’m sure!

  7. Hehehe, I know, I wish Hirai made a better song. This song was just too… I dunno… disco??? Hahaha. My favorites of his have got to be Kiss of Life and Why. The new CHEMISTRY single is very good. Overall, this is just a compilation of their latest works and all, some of them are my favorite artists and others are just songs that I liked out of the whole bunch. And dammit, I forgot about Exile!!!

    Hahaha, let’s go to Japan!!! ^_^

  8. I’m getting the first OST as composed by Kajiura Yuki. Well… I think all of them are composed by Kajiura-san. Hahaha. Anyway, I bought the CDs from Japan, so I skipped the middleman. ^_^ YES they are expensive!!! Thanks for the nice offer of yours, but I’m all good. ^_^

    Hurray for bishoujo!

    No kidding. I’ve been to Japan enroute to Malaysia, and then en route to HK the second time in my life. I thought it was fun!

  9. So I took all my Koda Kumi singles and took the remixes from each one (save “Love across the ocean” ’cause it’s copy protected -__-)and made a compilation CD!! :D I must say it’s pretty good! ^_^!! Now I don’ have to swap the singles so frequently when wantin’ to listen to the remixes, they’re all on one CD, GENIOUS!!


  10. Whoa, that’s like… genius! No, wait! It’s GENIUS 2000! Hahaha!

  11. Amuro Namie fan eh? she’s aight~

  12. Hahaha, well, I liked only a couple of her singles here and there… but the joke was just staring me in the face… sorry.

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