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Okay, I’ve been missing for three days, so I guess I have some explaining to do. I’ve basically been just catching up on stuff that I needed to do. My MP3 collection was getting way too massive so I decided to organize that sucker. I also decided to change the naming scheme of my MP3z. I’ve also been ripping more of my CD’s and listening to them to ensure of no pops or skips. The ones I download (which aren’t much these days, sadly enough, since the downfall of Audiogalaxy), go into an Assorted folder in each genre. The ones that I rip go into Genre -> Artist -> Album folders and is named [Track Number] Track Title.mp3. I’m a very organized guy, and this course of action would’ve taken days to complete, what with all the MP3z I currently have ripped. However, it only took me two days with my Tag&Rename program. Man, major kudos to SoftPointer for making such a kick-ass product. You, out there, if you are an organized phr34k like me, get this program. It’ll save you lots of time and headaches!

The second thing I’ve been doing is trying to test the new anime DVDs I just recently got in by watching them. I have too many!! So far, I have yet to watch the last two discs of Sister Princess, the entire series and both movies of Cardcaptor Sakura, the first series of Mahoromatic, the entire series of Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten, and the entire series of Fruits Basket. Throw in the assorted bishoujo anime that I download (because they’re so new that they’re not even available to buy yet) and I have way too much to watch. Oh, and I’m severely hooked on Japan versions of anime soundtracks now. Oh, spare me from spending more money!

I also decided to make a list of the PS2 games I want to get in the near future. So, I decided to post them in a place where I can find them easily. Here! I’ve decided to post them in a far-future entry to keep them top-level. Anyway, it’s WAAAAY too late now, so I’m off to bed. Oyasumi nasai…

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  1. YOU OWN ME!!! *_* You’re soo n34t0!! Must go~ short quick post, la~


  2. n34t0? How do I reply to that? Well, I am… just myself, I guess. As long as I don’t have to Depend on you to be independent when I’m Far away. As if I’d let that happen, I’m too Free & Easy. I’m like the flower garden doing its Duty for YOU, the AUDIENCE. If everybody could undergo an evolution as Naturally as possible, we would UNITE! as one, And Then everybody would be considered a FRIEND. Boys & Girls all over would Fly high and see the world as it appears TO BE. However, people are immature to think like this, and it’ll be too late by the time everybody figures it out, so WHATEVER. Who… would listen to my views anyway? Everybody just wants Trauma in their lives through all the SEASONS – it’s so SURREAL. Mankind has a huge SCAR that needs healing. Anyway, I’m gonna stop ranting now and go read some vogue, and maybe someday, I’ll find the Key ~eternal tie ver.~ to these problems. It’s not the End of the World yet.

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  4. Dammit… forgot to close the bold tag after Trauma… +_+

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  5. *gives a teddy bear*


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