Mitake on… Mitake.

And my current wallpaper on Mitake is… Mitake herself (EDIT: Sorry, this picture was lost during the move to If you haven’t guessed yet, I’ve named all my computers after the surnames of famous AV stars. Inappropriate? Yes. Original? Quite possibly. Well… at least I’d like to think so.

I’m not really an AV freak. In actuality, I like the girls themselves. I’ve got every single shashinshuu (photobook) of Mitake Ryoko, Aoi Sora, and Hagiwara Mai. I’ve even got a few of Oikawa Nao and Ayukawa Ami. Hey, spot any familiar names? Yeah, these are some other names of my computers, both past and present. I’ve always been a fan of Playboy style pictorials – the classy and tasteful nudes. Unfortunately, most of their photography work is hazy and surreal, almost like being in a dream. If I were to photograph that kind of thing, I would do it with the best equipment and scenery I can find. The girl, although the focal point, would act as a complement to a majestic background. I want mountains in the background, beds of flowers as the shooting location, under a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds dotted here and there. If I can’t get a nude girl, I would really prefer a dinosaur, but that’s not possible, unfortunately. I guess I’ll settle for the nude girl… ^_^;;

Whoa, sort of off-topic there. I finally called Shaw. They’re coming in on Saturday to install my cable DSL. That’s gonna rock. I’ll be using it to do my BT downloading. No more sitting behind a router. I’ll be going so crazy, I’ll need to buy TWO 200 GB hard drives next time! Muahaha! No, actually, I don’t want to do more downloading, but I would like my download rates to be faster than what I’m getting right now, but without lagging everybody else in the house. Of course, I’ll still be gaming on Ayukawa, which will still be connected to the phone DSL.

Has anybody tried Fruitopia Raspberry Kiwi? It’s my new favorite drink. It’s scary, I’m drinking more juice nowadays.

World of WarCraft is evil. I warn those of you with lives, careers, and families to never set your eyes upon the game. Look at what it did to my blog, to my fiction writing, and to my Japanese lessons. Stop the madness. Boycott WoW.

Current Music: ABBA – Lovelight

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  1. abba? lol dood there is a abba musical playin in toronto while we are here and guess what? where not goign to see it lol.

    Heavy D

  2. Hahaha, you suck.

  3. blah blah blah . .. ok so i cuold have been a bit more creative on that one but dood its abba. damn we missed out midevil times deal. damn there goes 70 bucks

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