More About Yesterday!

Oh, after all the Trillian chatting was done, I tried to get NWN working again, and I even followed all the directions that everybody on Bioware’s forums gave – upgraded my drivers, updated Windows, updated Internet Explorer (I’m using IE6 now… O_o), even used the VIA PCI latency fix!! But, still, no go! Finally, I happened upon a message in the forum that mentioned how some CD-ROMs didn’t like reading Securom CDs. I thought to myself, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever used any Securom CDs.” So, I went straight to a game fix site and downloaded the fix for the initial release version, uninstalled NWN, rebooted, reinstalled NWN, and applied the patch. Success!!! The game started and I was able to create my character, enter the first area, create a module, play my character in the module, and get used to the NWN system. I LOVE IT!!! WHOO-HOO!!

After work, I pulled out my violin again and thought back to a guitar technique I learned – muting strings. I was unable to know which string I was drawing the bow across and unable to hit a good note because… well, because I’m just starting out. Anyway, I muted the strings I didn’t want to use and I drew my bow several times to find the right sweet spot. Notes were finally coming out! Straggled, yes, but some of them were actually decent. It was like pulling off pinch harmonics on the guitar, and I felt very proud of myself. I’d better relish in this enjoyment, because as soon as I get a teacher, I’m gonna feel a lot less than that. Hahaha!

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