MORE Manga?!?!

Yeah, it’s been too busy for me to post. It’s mostly because Esmond came down with some kind of sickness that resembles the stomach flu on Thursday, so I immediately left the house for fear of catching whatever he’s got. With a job like mine, I can’t afford to be sick, especially with THAT. Gah. I HATE the stomach flu. I hope that the stomach flu dies off someday. Probably won’t, though, with my luck.

So, where exactly am I staying, you wonder? I’m at James-see‘s place. Yeah, yeah. I know. But he’s pretty much the only guy I know in town that I can bring a ton of stuff over to, knock on his door, and declare, “I’m crashing at your place for a while,” without any resistance.

So, I got my GST check in the mail yesterday. I deposited it last night to my Visa and ordered more manga. Here’s what I ordered:

  • Ai Yori Aoshi – Chapter 1
  • Boys Be – Chapter 1
  • Kimi Wa PET – Chapter 1
  • Otonani NUTS – Chapter 1
  • LOVE Hina – Chapter 1
  • DearS – Chapter 1

I just finished a computer job for somebody, and I deposited the money into my Visa. I was tempted to order more manga, but decided not to since I have some Neowing pre-orders coming through this month. Maybe if I get another computer job later.

Don’t worry, even though I’m not at home, I brought my laptop and my tablet with me so I can still draw. That is, if James-see doesn’t drag my time away with gaming and watching anime. -_-

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  1. Kimi Wa Pet is really cute… XD though I think it’s a personal taste, I much prefer the drama {highly suggest you check it out}. :3 The drawing is not bad either, although the way the eyes are done, are unique in my opinion. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. XD;; I’m so not use to posting anon… post above is Yukiko from LJ.

  3. WAI~! Yukiko-chan! Actually, as we speak, I’m downloading the entire drama series. ^^

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