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Aoi Sora

I booked the hotel this morning. Ended up going with Super 8 on Pembina, as it’s close to Bishop Grandin, about five minutes to Corydon, and 10-15 to downtown. It’s a good central hotel. Originally, I was going to go with Country Inn on King Edward, but I would have burned on gas getting where I wanted. Plus, if I find a place to stay in the city, I can always cancel the reservation before 16:00 on the arrival date. To be quite honest, shelling out $650 just to go to Winnipeg is ridiculous, and I could have rented an apartment for less. The problem is that I have Esmond along with me, so it’s one more person that a friend would have to accommodate. Asian pride is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m not racist, but I’m getting awfully sick of native people here. I’m tired of hearing their damn accent, hearing their complaints, seeing them drunkenly jaywalk right in front of me without looking both ways, and tired of their non-hygienic stench. Quit lazing around, get a job, and do something for your people other than giving them a bad name! By the way, I have a few good friends who are native, and they actually contribute to society other than collecting their monthly checks.

I believe that the past is the past, and although terrible things were done to them in the past, why should we have to pay for these mistakes? I’m not even of French or British origin, the Chinese were used to build the damn CPR at the cost of their lives, and I don’t see any reparations being made to us. Black people were slaves in America, and there aren’t any reparations being made to them either. Logically speaking, Canada is the second largest country in the world, with the most untapped resources even after a century of modern industrialization. The natives of this country may have been kicked off their land, but it doesn’t mean they couldn’t move elsewhere. I don’t think they deserve to be given money at all. Still don’t agree with me? What about the times when the French invaded the rest of Europe? Are they giving reparations for their actions? The Greeks? Rome? I rest my case.

Actually, I amend all of the above. Canada just sucks, and should be taken over by America. That’ll teach ’em what-for.

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