Morishita Chisato revisited.

I got my Yamaha PSR-293 keyboard in this week. The weekend is coming up, so it’ll give me ample time to play on it and figure out all the features and stuff.

Work sucks as usual – the NetServer is still having problems, and it looks as though I might have to order a new part – either the I/O board or a NetRAID controller. To make matters worse, it’s inventory day, which means I won’t be able to order the damn part until it’s over.

Time for a new job, for sure. My dad told me to try applying at Hydro as well as INCO. I just might do that.

Yeah, sorry about the new wallpaper. Web space is low, and I’m paying for this damn thing out of my own pocket, so no full-sized images anymore. (EDIT: The image went missing after the move, so never mind.)

Current Music: Nine Inch Nails – Home

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  1. You know you suck eh? I am selling my Yamaha PSR-292 in preparation for me moving. You should return yours – get a full refund – then buy mine LOL Here I am trying to liquidate all of my stuff so I can fly overseas and my friend here is buying the same stuff I have without a single thought – LOL

    Seriously tho – I am listing it for $200 – its in great shape – I even go the stand. I could send it up on the bus for you even.

    Let me know if there is anything else you want before I sell it.

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