Morning Ritual.

I realize that I haven’t been updating ANYTHING lately. I haven’t been on MSN for a while. I haven’t even really gone out for a while. It’s partly laziness and partly respecting goo-cheung. Anyway, I updated two entries that I wanted to post yesterday, but was too busy (and lazy) to do so.

Perrie came visiting at the Wonton Place with Ka-Ka in tow yesterday. Yay! Now that goo-cheung is gone, I guess that Perrie has nobody left to talk to. Ah Keat is too busy with the restaurant to talk to her during the day, and Wai Yee is up in Churchill for a while. I guess during the funeral service, she became fond of my loh-moh and sam-yee. Goo-cheung was like a pillar for the family. Now that he’s gone, the pillar is no longer there, and things are slowly falling down. Not in a bad sense, mind you, but everybody who depended on him have to stand on their own two feet now. Goo-cheung loved his two grandkids, Ngao-chai and Ka-Ka, and even they sensed a great loss, despite not really understanding it completely. I think that Ngao-chai sort of understood, but Ka-Ka is only two years old, and probably won’t remember goo-cheung when she gets older. I never knew my yeh-yeh much, because he died when I was one. Apparently, my loh-moh told me that yeh-yeh got to hold me once. He was so happy, because he had only daughters, and now there was a boy – me. I’m kinda happy for Ka-Ka because she had a chance to spend time with her yeh-yeh for two formulative years. Even though she won’t remember him, she will at least remember the love he had for her. After getting together with the family two days ago and shopping for Ka-Ka yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I can never leave town now. My family is too important to me. I haven’t seen the Wong family for several months prior to goo-cheung’s death, and seeing them again made me realize that even though our families don’t get together that often, at least we’re still family. We’re only a short distance away from each other, as opposed to the rest of the family in Malaysia, several thousand kilometers away. I’ve become somewhat attached to Ka-Ka, and I suddenly want to be here for her – to guide her, help her with schoolwork, watch her grow up, worry about her when she goes out on her first date, warn her about her first date, etc. ^_^ I watched Ning-Ning grow up, and he’s pretty much a teenager, so I can’t treat him like a baby anymore. Besides, I don’t think he likes it much. Hehehe. Maybe it’s my internal clock telling me it’s time to be a father? I dunno, I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of thing, but I do know that I wouldn’t mind to try standing in goo-cheung’s vacant spot. You never know – it might fit me. I just hope I don’t spoil her too bad.

Can’t wait to see Ka-Ka later on today. It’s her birthday! ^_^

Well! I wonder what new packages await me at the restaurant today? Hehehe!

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