move. (Not the avex trax group.)

So, a lot of you probably didn’t notice any difference, but my website has moved to a different server. I’m still on the same web host, but I’ve switched to their new CPanel server. Technically, it’s not new, I’ve just been too lazy to request the move. As always, they provide excellent customer service and excellent hosting at low costs. Even if I move to Japan, I’ll still use these guys. If you want high quality hosting with a variety of hosting options for less than $6 CDN, go to Ace Of Space. There, that’s my shameless plug of the day.

My Current Wallpaper – Kumada Yoko
(EDIT: Picture lost during the uprising of Gh’en Hadar… and the move to Sorry!)

So, I haven’t updated in a while. That’s because I was busy getting Mitake working. I installed the new drives with little problem, and the monitor works beautifully! The only problem I’ve been having is with those hard drive enclosures. They have no cooling option, so those drives get hot real fast. In addition, they sometimes do very weird things to my PC. I would return them, but they’re convenient and I don’t use them that often. It’s easier to copy all the work over, do it on the local drives, and then transfer it back. Who wants to forego an ATA interface for a USB 2.0 one???

I started playing WoW again. It’s a lot more fun now that Esmond is playing too. We team up together and do lots of quests. We have ourselves a permanent party. If only we can move characters from one server to the other. That would be sweet. I’d have all my old characters back again. Alas, that will never happen. So, I’ll settle for having last names (hint hint, Blizzard!!!).

Work is nice and steady now. Still annoying, but I’m not as stressed out as I was before. At least I know how to handle some calls in a certain way. Oh, well. It’s still lunch hour, so I have 30 minutes of WoW playing time!

Current Music: Amuro Namie: Put ‘Em Up (an oldie, but a goodie!)

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