[Movie] Cutey Honey


It’s ALWAYS Tokyo Tower.

“I love you, Nat-chan…”

“… but I love taking sexy
photos of Honey.”

HONEY FLASH!! Memories of Cutie Honey (romanized as Cutey Honey for this movie) came back to me as I watched this movie. Ah, the days when Honey’s clothes got torn in the heat of battle. Or when she was transforming. Or when she was walking down the street.

This movie is geared towards children. Although having Honey prance around in her unmentionables is pure fanservice for the adults, the movie has no real sexual undertones. That aside, what we have here is a fairly enjoyable sentai-style movie with weird or ambiguously named villains (Sister Jill is a GUY, dammit!!!). The action sequences look like a page out of the manga, and although kinda cheesy, really suited this film well. Honey has such a cute and cheery personality, and they chose a great actress for the role – Sato Eriko. Not only does she play the character well, she’s also very hot (yes, admittedly, even when she’s stuffing her face with onigiri). It was cool to see the cameo appearances by Koda Kumi and Nagai Go himself! I hope they make a sequel. (Torrent: PMM)

Not much is going on. Work is crazy, as usual. I feel like I’m finally getting used to the job. I’m doing my voluntary overtime now. Hahaha. I shouldn’t do it, but… oh, well. On the recreational front, I’m playing World Of WarCraft. Man, I haven’t played a good MMORPG like this since Ragnarok Online. I’m also focusing a lot on my writing these days. Check it out at my FictionPress site if you’re interested in manga-style fiction – the link is on the left.

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  1. littlefreeze says

    My brother’s addicted to World of Warcraft right now. . . . I didn’t know it was online. . .

  2. Yep! It’s an online RPG. The big thing about it is the fact that instead of aimless wandering, you can opt to do quests from various NPCs. The quests not only give you more experience and bonuses, but they also give you a purpose to kill monsters.

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