I went to Patrick’s for a movie at around 9:00 PM. That’s right, I actually got to get off work early. We saw Rollerball, which is what Eugene and Tom were watching last night. Geez, I really hate how Eugene has to bring his friends over late at night and invade our private space. I mean, I need my privacy, dammit.

Rollerball was a good movie, though. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Wow, she’s doing a lot of action roles now. It’ll be cool to see her come back in X-Men 2. And for some strange reason, Chris Klein reminds me of a Keanu Reeves that can actually act. Anyway, after the movie, Patrick and I drove around and when I got home, loh-moh, sam-yee, and Ning-Ning were all watching Love Undercover. Hahaha, I love that movie! I decided to join them and watch the movie. I grabbed a bag of these new Fritos chips – Twists, Tex-Mex flavored. Yum! These are kick-ass!

I’m talking to Hide-otouto on MSN! It’s been a while since I was on MSN! After that, I’m gonna shower and sleep.

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