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Well, I guess that it was all inevitable. I’m now starting my scanning project. I plan to have at least one scan done per week, and maybe even one everyday if I get better at it. Right now, I’m starting out with PSP, but I eventually hope to move to Photoshop. I just finished making the first scan, now all I have to do is retouch it, edit it, add my borders and logos, and then k0d3 the PHP needed to display and organize the scans.

It’s pretty much a lazy day today. It actually rained pretty heavy for a few minutes just now! Mouuuu… all I want is a day of heavy rain, that’s not too much to ask! I found this awesome program yesterday before work – Tag&Rename. It’s an MP3 utility that lets you mass rename MP3’s according to a mask, as well as ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. I mass-renamed five Sammi albums that I ripped two days ago with the greatest of ease. I definitely recommend this program to those of you who hate renaming MP3’s and tags according to your own masking scheme, one by one. You can get it at or at

Got a chance to watch a movie with most of the family (dad doesn’t really like watching movies). Eugene was going to bring several of his friends over to watch TV in my room where I set up the ExpressVu, but I told him that I didn’t want his friends watching my TV. It feels good to say what you want to say. Anyway, we watched Love Me, Love My Money, another Leung Chiu Wai movie. I’m getting addicted to his movies! He’s a great actor, a lot better than most actors out there. Anyway, this movie was good, but because I’ve seen his other movies, it can’t compare with them. However, it’s a much better romance than most ones out there. Still, Blind Romance is the best one of his that I’ve seen. I highly recommend it.

And it’s raining again! WAI~!

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