My 1993 Nissan Altima GXE.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that dad had to work last night, so he took my car since it was in the garage and all nice and warm. He got back while I was in the middle of watching Sweet 18, and told me that he cleaned the car and everything using all his industrial tools. So cool!

After I dropped mom and AM at the WP, I went to get a haircut. Unfortunately, I still had 30 minutes before my hairstylist would get to the place, so I hung out at Wal-Mart, helped out a customer with tech info (I’m suppose I’m still not over RS), and hung out at RS after that before going to get my haircut. Of course, because I’m basically waiting for my hair to grow, it was more of a trim to thin out my hair and allow everything to grow in proportionately. Can you believe that I was bald back in May? My hair grows so fast… I wonder how long it would take to grow my hair to the point where I would have to tie it back? Maybe 9 months or so… but I won’t do that.

Well, after the haircut, I got back home and noticed that my car was still quite clean, so I decided to take a bunch of pictures! Yay!

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