Hahaha! You know you have too much anime when your bookshelves are lined with them and your hard drive is filled to the brim with them… and you haven’t watched them all…

So, I was just browsing through, doing some Japanese homework, when a message popped up: “You don’t have enough free space.” Holy crap! I have a 60 GB hard drive and I only had 50 MB left?!?! I filled it up already?! With WHAT??? I browsed through all my temp directories, trying to find the culprit temp files taking up my space… and found none. So, I checked my current P2P and IRC downloads… many were completed, so I decided to check my Incoming directory. Moved the anime episodes I just downloaded to my Videos, and decided to check them out… YOW!!! The majority of my free hard drive space was occupied by my anime episodes. OH SHIT.

I could say that I burned them off in a hurry, which is ABSOLUT CRAP. I haven’t watched them all! I went through all the ones I watched, burned them off sequentially, and was left with a series I haven’t even watched yet. Minky-chan, my collaboration manga partner, mentioned Comic Party, and I did hear about it before, but I didn’t know that I already downloaded the first three episodes. Hahaha! So, I’m slowly going through each episode right now.

My verdict: the reason why I haven’t been drawing much or updating my website or even working on my anime fiction is because I haven’t been inspired lately. I mean, sure, if I sit down and do it, I’ll automatically get into it, but I need the motivation to go do it. Comic Party gave back that feeling of inspiration. Oi, Hide-otouto, remember back in the good ol’ days of when we were starting Yeah, I got THAT feeling back again. To those of you who don’t know much anime beyond DragonBall Z, Sailor Moon, or Pokemon, here’s what Comic Party is all about:


<SIGH> Okay, okay. To those of you who DON’T know what doujinshi is, it’s a manga (Japanese comic) made my an amateur artist who wishes to show people his art and storytelling skillz through appreciation of other manga works or through original characters and storylines. So, if you’ve been hunting eBay and you ran across that Love Hina doujinshi, that’s what it is. If you didn’t know, the now-famous MegaTokyo is a doujinshi. Okay, I’m digressing a bit too much now. Back on topic!

When I first saw Otaku no Video (my original inspiration), it never occurred to me that anime was one stepping stone in the vast world of the otaku. Well, duh, it was only a two-part OAV! There wasn’t enough room to go deeply into detail. They mentioned doujinshi in passing, but didn’t give me the chance to get fixated on it. Comic Party fixates entirely on doujinshi. Thus, I must improve my drawing skillz. I also plan to work on my CG skillz through Illustrator or some other vector drawing program. Either way, I WILL be a l33t manga-ka. Oh, yes. I WILL be.

So, let’s go, MY BROTHER AND MY SISTER, into the world of anime… by taking a detour through the world of doujinshi. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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