My CDJapan Order…

So, I made another CDJapan order since I’m getting paid tomorrow or so. I decided that this time around, I should order all the CD singles of Hamasaki Ayumi that I don’t have. They are as follows:

Hamasaki Ayumi: vogue (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: Far away (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: SEASONS (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: M (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: Boys & Girls (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: NEVER EVER (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: Endless sorrow (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: UNITE! (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi: Dearest (Single CD)
Hamasaki Ayumi + KEIKO: A Song Is Born (Single CD)

Yep, now that my monthly budget (sorry, I left that entry private for my eyes only ^_^) is done, I’ve figured out how much I can allocate to my spending habits – although I SHOULDN’T be spending, but, oh well. Hahahaha. I can’t believe that I’m gonna finally finish collecting all of the singles. After this, I’ll have to get her re-released singles and the remix albums that I don’t have. Then, it’s on to her concert and PV DVDs! Wahahahaha. Maybe I should get uraayu too?? Hahahaha.

Now, I have to find mint copies of appears and kanariya. -_-

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  1. Heheeh the only Ayu single that I got is FLY HIGH(Thank god I got the original Japanese import in Hong Kong), SEASONS (LOVE THAT ONE), Audience and SURREAL, FREE & EASY & Independence. All the albums minus SONG FOR XX and LOVEppears.

  2. rosicrucian says

    I got the ThinkGeek shirt *lol* and the blanket is cute.


    I have big news *grins*

    Dirk is all fixed, up, and running! A few problems with the sound card, but I realized after an hour of playing around with the drivers that the card just jostled loose while en route to the new apartment.

    I officially have a computer room. Yes..a whole room devoted to my Dirky-Boy and all the new toys I’ll be getting, eventually. However..I’m afraid Karisa will make me buy blinds for the windows and a bit of furniture before that happens *lol*

    Digital cable is coming on Wednesday..150 channels of mind-numbing entertainment *lol* maybe I can get them to set up the DSL at the same time *grins*

    I’ve been on a huge anime/manga kick lately..lucky for me the video store just ordered new anime, although I’m already mostly through their new DVDs >_

  3. Yep, I have all those singles too. All I’ll be missing will be the super rare kanariya and appears. ;_;

    You must get A Song for XX and LOVEppears! They are sooooooooo worth it! The 2nd LOVEppears disc has bonus CMs and PVs, as well as a list of magazine spreads she was featured in.

  4. WAI~! You’re back!! Does this mean for good??? I missed you a lot, a lot!

    Sorry I couldn’t call… two jobs and all (sometimes three), I hope you understand.

    I wish I could’ve helped fix your comp for you! Oh, well. Maybe next time? ^_^

    Ooh… computer room, digital cable, DSL… it looks like you’ve hit the jackpot! I’m pretty much in the same situation myself. Got a server room, planning to get an Apple eMac and a new IBM ThinkPad to replace the old one I have. Anyway, if you’ve read through my stuff, you’ll find all sorts of small blessings in disguise! It’s magical! Magical!! O_o

    あの… わたしは日本語をべんきょうしています。 Hopefully, I’ll have learned enough Japanese by next summer to be able to get by in my trip to Japan. I hope to go during July or August. I’m so excited! I hope I can get some friends to join me!

    Anime… hahaha, I’m collecting raw Japanese DVDs now… I’ve got two DVD movies and one limited edition DVD of Onegai Teacher, one of my most fav anime. So, yeah, I’ve been busy spending. Hehehe.

    So… yeah, the bad news is, I’m probably staying where I am for the next four years. I want to pay off my debt, study more Japanese, save money, get a degree, and move to Japan. However, I’ll be 30 by the time I’m living in Japan!! Nobody will want an old man like me then! Boo-hoo! ;_;

    Anyway, I hope you are doing really good. I haven’t met Karisa yet, but I hope I can sometime in the future! She sounds real nice (is she good in bed? Hehehe – I’m jus’ playin’), and I hope she’s making you happy! I hope to read more LJ entries from you in the future… so, until then! ^_^

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