My CDJapan Order.

My order of Hamasaki Ayumi singles was just shipped! Yayness! Here are the details of my order:

A Song Is Born
Endless sorrow
Boys & Girls
Far away

Hopefully, the next order will finish off the rest of the singles – the re-released ones – as well as her new short movie, Tsuki no Shizumu, and both 2002 Tour DVDs. It would also be cool to get her Dome Tour 2001 DVD. I’m also behind in あずまんが大王. The 2nd soundtrack was just released, and the first DVD went OOP with a re-release on the way next month. I should be able to cover it all, though, since all my money in my line of credit can jump into my Visa right after the end of the month rolls around. Even though I spent a little bit more than my budget allowed, it worked out just fine, since I got paid more from RS than I expected, and I didn’t count the surplus from last month. Also, my rent was lowered because the Scribe moved in. It’s just too bad that I won’t be able to afford that copy of No One Lives Forever 2 that just came in at RS today. Dammit. Oh, well, I should probably borrow that game from somebody else instead of buying it and playing it only for five minutes. Hahaha.

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  1. blushycyootie says

    you’re constantly ordering ;-;

  2. I guess I’m kinda loaded? Hahahaha. I don’t really go out all that much, and I don’t own a car, so all my money goes straight into my hobbies. Plus, I budget myself. When you think about it, I’m really in debt. Hahahaha.

  3. blushycyootie says

    oh that’s right…

  4. Yeah… I’m in debt because of the insane spending I did earlier this year.

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