My CDJapan order…

My CDJapan order just got shipped today! Yayness!

Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage (Single CD)
Nakashima Mika: TRUE (Album CD)
Sonin: Curry Rice No Onna (Single CD)

Just to let you know, I ALWAYS order Japan versions. I’ll never ever condone buying Overseas versions, even though I’m Chinese. It’s just plain wrong, and it doesn’t seem worth the effort if you’re not spending tons of money for music that not everybody has heard of in your town. I’m 5up3r l33t, and I’d like to stay that way, thank you.

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  1. you were one of only a very few with “nick cheung” in your interests, so i thought i’d say hi.
    so, hi!

    ps: ‘/0ur p4g3 i5 1337.

  2. Hi!

    So, you like Nick Cheung, eh???????? Yeah, he’s pretty cool, I like his Leon parodies.

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