My foray into PXE boot.

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Aoi Sora

Well, it’s been an interesting afternoon so far. Enough for me to warrant another blog entry. Nice, eh?

So, this is what has happened thus far – after doing a bit of browsing and watching some of the Drift Bible (an excellent resource for those who are interested in drifting, but terrible dubbing), I took a drive over to work to pick up the external USB CD-RW drive I had in the office. After a quick chat with Candace (I couldn’t resist), I headed back here, hooked it up to my laptop, and booted. No luck, I guess.

At INCO, the boys there have an interesting method of re-imaging PCs – PXE boot into an Altiris system and deploy from there somewhat unattended. Not a bad setup. I was thinking about doing the same, so I did a bit of research into PXE and RIS. Sadly, though, I needed either W2K Server or 2003 Server, neither of which I had and even if I did, I had no server to put it on. So, I started looking for alternative ways to do this. I found myself a PXE boot method that could be used with Linux, so I thought to myself, ‘Ahh, what the hell. The Linux box isn’t even going through much use anyway.’

Right now, I’m installing Samba, one of the core components needed for this hack to work. If all goes well, I may be on my way to reinstalling XP on the laptop, even if it’s not unattended, but I don’t care. Cross your fingers.

Current Music: Mushroomhead – Bwomp

These guys are weird. Heavy metal, growling vocals, and… piano? Oh, well. They are somewhat different, so I gave them a listen.

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