My Kinda Cool Day

My CDJapan order arrived today! w00t!

Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage (Single CD)
Nakashima Mika: TRUE (Album CD)
Sonin: Curry Rice No Onna (Single CD)

I’m not sure if I like Voyage that much, but given a few listens, and I’m sure I’ll be hooked. Right now, I’m enjoying Sonin’s single immensely. Even the c/w song, Ai Wa Motto Soujanakute is pretty catchy. Hahahaha, one thing I noticed when listening to Voyage was that I’m starting to understand some of the words that Hamasaki-san was singing… just the first four words, “Boku tachi wa shiawase…”, clicked in my head right away. That’s so cool. I guess these Japanese lessons are finally paying off, eh? Anyway… I finally went to McDick’s for the first time in months. I also saw XXX at the theater with James-see last night. Why did I forget to mention that in last night’s post? Oh, well.

I went to my parents’ house after work to pick up a few odds and ends. A couple issues of PC Gamer, the True Lies DVD (which is my most favorite movie of all time, which I acknowledged after a gut-wrenching analysis last week), my computer parts manuals and boxes, my Escape from Monkey Island game, and a Johanna Lindsey book. YES, I READ SAPPY ROMANCE NOVELS, AND I WOULD GLADLY READ THEM OVER TOLKIEN OR RICE. Sorry, it’s just the way I am – I guess I’m really a romantic at heart. Hahahaha, too bad I don’t have anybody special in my life right now.

I bought some instant miso udon from the grocery store today, and it was not that good. It also smelled weird after I cooked it. Bleh, never again. I’m used to eating the high-quality aka miso that I order from the city, and then I boil in the good udon myself, then add a little veggies and meat in it… hahahaha, I guess it’s not that “instant” when I make it. ^_^

Well, getting close to cut-off time. I have to rip my new CD’s, take a shower, and review my Japanese for today. I might watch a movie too. Maybe. It IS a “school” night. Hahahaha.

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  1. blushycyootie says

    i dont get how…
    what the..

    u actually make enough to support yourself constantly order things and take japanese classes? x___x;

  2. Actually, the Japanese classes are online, only $11.95 a month (cheap cheap cheap!!!). I use, they are the best I’ve ever seen, bar none.

    I only constantly order things because I cheat a bit on the side. My parents own a restaurant, so my food is pretty much covered – I barely buy groceries unless I feel like cooking at home. I work two jobs, and I also fix computers on the side and do deliveries for my restaurant. Plus, if you add the fact that I don’t have many friends in town, I don’t get out much. So, I sacrifice a lot to be able to order lots of things. Wow, I guess you’re the first person to wonder how I am able to do this, huh? Hahahaha, that’s cool.

  3. I dled Voyage and I didn’t like it alot.
    Too slow and depressing.

    I got UH3 DVD and I can’t stop watching it.

  4. Honestly, I bought Voyage for the remixes of HANABI and independent. Hahahaha.

  5. Oh ok
    Are the remixes good?

  6. So far, so good. ^_^

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