My Parts Arrived!!

That’s right, when I got into work, I did four orders and then it got quiet, so I went to the groceteria and picked up the latest issue of MacAddict (more addictive than cigarettes ^_^) and when I got back, a parcel was waiting for me. It was my computer parts! I ordered an LG 52x CD-ROM drive, an LG 24x10x40x CD-RW drive, a CD-ROM digital audio cable, and a small CD-ROM mounting kit. WEEEE!! Lain no Ruumu is slowly coming into fruition!

And… I’m having a blast watching Azumanga Daiou. I tested out my drives – played NWN and WarCraft III like a charm! I even wrote the first four episodes of Azumanga Daiou to CD, which was successful – it only took 5 minutes too! I love my new CD-RW drive… ^_^

My J-Pop is also coming in from Japan! I ordered Hamasaki Ayumi’s new H CD, hitomi’s Thermo Plastic CD, and I also managed to snag TO BE, the Japan Version! All those old singles are slowly going, and I only have a handful of them. I want the whole set! Wah… O_e

Anyway, it’s nice to hear from people about my new LJ style… has anybody checked out the other pages? I modified them too. By the way, I captured all the Lain pictures straight from my DVD myself, except for the Copland OS logo. Hey, take a look at this letter featured in MacAddict. Engrish by Americans! Is it even possible??? See and judge for yourself:

The June 2002 issue look like it got beatten by someone from PC mag! Have jenny craig been consulted you guy on design a logo? c’mon guy! I though I let you guy know, What do I knew? I’m only 11. -Scott
Live with the new logo for a year, then write me back when you’re 12 and tell me if it’s grown on you. OK, you guy? -Max

Man, that was pretty damn close to Engrish! CRAP THE CLIP!

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  1. *lol’s* You actually saw my “Crap the Clip” post!! >D I’m still floored that I actually got REAL engrish from Japan so inadvertantly ^_^ Kewl new comp parts!! I need to build my own ;_; Still on this outdated HP P.O.S -__-; Don’ get Ayu’s older singles b’fore Boys & Girls unless you are a SERIOUS collector. They only contain the original song, maybe a coupling track, and an instrumental version. I was jus’ happy with the album “LOVEppears” (s’more engrish if you really think ’bout it ^_~).The re-releases are MUCH better, they include the remixes that were on the Appears, Fly High, and Kanariya singles that are OOP and hard as HELL to find X.x Hitomi is soOoOoo awesome! I LOVE her style too!! >D I LOVE her albums “Thermo Plastic”, “LOVE 2000” and “Huma-rhythm”! I blast ’em while cruisin’ in my 2k2 ‘Vic XD Ayu is ’bout the ONLY artist I will buy singles from simply ’cause of the remixes, DEFINITELY merits the purchase ^_~


  2. When you buy lots of Japanese goods (snacks, magazines, etc.), you see a lot of Engrish, but it’s rather rare to see it in music nowadays!

    I am a SERIOUS collector. Hahaha! I already own YOU, Trust, and Depend on you. They’re mini-CDs! You can’t go wrong with them! And they’re going OOP already! Blah, I managed to snag a copy of Fly high when it first came out at Yesasia (well, it was back then!), but I missed appears and Kanariya! Darn! I’m pretty bad, cuz I won’t settle for Overseas versions of the CDs… all the more expensive for me. :P

    hitomi rocks! She’s the best! I only have LOVE LIFE right now, but I’ve already preordered flow/Blade Runner, so it’s all good. When I was writing one of my series, I used her music as sort of an inspirational soundtrack. Hopefully, if I’m able to release my series as anime in the future, I can use these songs as my official soundtrack. (Crosses fingers.)

    Oh, if only avex would re-release Kanariya and appears!! I guess it’s off to eBay for me… there’s $200 out of my wallet… hehehe!

    Well, glad to have you as a friend! It’s so hard to find somebody to talk to about my interests. Yoroshiku!

  3. rivendarkangel says

    Fanboy fanboy! HEHEHE!

  4. Quit that! You’ve made your point already! ^_^

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