My Yesasia Order…

Well, my Yesasia order came in yesterday, so here are the contents:

Koda Kumi: So Into You (Single CD)
Nakashima Mika: Helpless Rain (Single CD)
Fukada Kyoko: Easy Rider (Single CD)
Shimatani Hitomi: Papillon (Single CD)
m-flo: prism (Single CD)
hitomi: Kimi No Tonari/WISH/MADE TO BE IN LOVE (Single CD)

It was a sale on single CDs, so I just picked out the ones I never got around to buying. Anyway, I have them now, and I’m very happy with them (especially with Nakashima-san and m-flo, which has all the tracks included to remix come again for the (now void) remix contest!). Anyway, I haven’t updated in a while, and do you know why? Radio Shack keeps me busy!!! I bought Monsters Inc. last night and watched it. Funny as heck!! Today, I broke down and bought Def Leppard’s VAULT CD, since the one I borrowed from Eugene was SUBAR’ed (Scratched Up Beyond All Recognition – the distant cousin of FOOBAR). I also decided to get some old DVDs that I’ve been meaning to get – Hackers and Double Impact. Good, campy fun! So, yeah, I do listen to some English music from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, Def Leppard isn’t great sit-down-and-listen kinda music. It’s more like cruising-around-downtown-with-no-particular-destination-in-mind music. Especially with yer homies in the car. Hehehehe. Anyway, I’m going through all my new CD’s and slowly ripping them one by one. I was gonna watch Hackers tonight, but it looks as though I’m so tired from work that I’m just gonna shower and crash. Sorry for the late comment replies, minna-san, but lotsa work can do that to you.

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  1. Some good choices there :D


  2. you ripping analog?? e.e;

  3. How is YesAsia’s service compared to CD Japan’s?

  4. madolescent says

    Yah yesasia has that 3 singles for $7.99 each sale thingy.. AHH! So Into You is my fav Koda single song!! But I dunt think there was any c/w song except remixes on that one ;\ Nevertheless, I can listen to that song 3958935835 times and never get tired of it :)

  5. That’s really a matter of opinion. I like YesAsia more because they carry all the major Asian music – Chinese, Japanese, and Korean – as well as other products from within that category. They even sell import games and import gaming consoles too. However, I get majorly taxed for buying from YesAsia because I live in Canada, and customs just cracks down on my parcels from the States. CDJapan is great because of their EMS shipping option, which will allow me to get my order within a week, as compared to the two weeks from YesAsia (mostly because of my location). So, really, I can easily buy from either place, but I would either pay for the extra shipping from CDJapan, or the taxes and duties from YesAsia. Also, YesAsia has a more sophisticated ordering system than CDJapan’s, as well as associate programs, but CDJapan is THE place to go if you want your Japanese CD’s and DVD’s straight from the source. These are the major points, so I’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

  6. Oh, yeah! I’m especially happy with Kouda-san and Nakashima-san. Fukada-san’s CD was really awesome too!

  7. Nope, ripping digital sources for me. Read my latest entry about ripping.

  8. They actually included remixes of her other songs on there, but it’s all good. You’re right about one thing, though – I can’t get sick of this song! I think I will be adding her first album to my collection soon. ^_~

  9. I wish it worked for me . . .

  10. *gasp* Oh no!!!

    *pokes at Miya* Hey, where’ve you been? I know I’ve been AWOL for a bit, but… whoa. O.o

  11. I’ve been in Dallas and out ‘n’ about lately :D

  12. I see. Having fun? ^_^

  13. Much fun!! ^_^

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