Name Change AND The Continuing Improvement of Style.

Well, I’ve decided to change my username as a result of …well, unintentionally insulting people with the old one. Anyway, I like the new one I have now – 無限HAN …the only problem with it might be the close resemblance to the well-known 無限 Honda. Mind you, it’s cool that my username ended up like this. Since I plan to change my name to a Japanese name before I move to Japan, I might as well keep a remnant of my Chinese name. I might as well be using it as a pen name too. Well, I’ve managed to make a new Yahoo address and LiveJournal, but my website will take some time to change. However, I will be changing the name of the site right away. As for the JGirlChaser character on this site, I’ll be keeping him – since he really doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore. No, seriously, I never meant to insult women with that name – actually, I’m very timid with girls in real life. I always wait for them to make the first move. This is one of the reasons why I’m still single. The other reason being that I prefer Japanese girls anyway.

I’m always struggling to improve myself, and my art is no exception. I spent some time yesterday, analyzing my most favorite character designs from various anime and manga. I eventually settled on some drawings styles that suited me best. My biggest hurdle was always drawing eyes (well, my bodies need more improvement, but I digress). Anime eyes are always drawn differently, and mine are no exception. I spent time trying out different eyes that I thought I might like, until I finally decided on a few that I would be comfortable with. After adding my own personalization, I was satisfied. But, I STILL haven’t drawn any new character designs! I will have to rectify that today. At least I can put my eye drawing improvements to work! Anyway, it looks as though I have another J-Pop CD order on the way. Yahoo! I’m trying to collect all of Hamasaki Ayumi’s oldest albums and singles before they run out completely. On that note, read below to see my want ad.

Anyway, not much is happening yet, so I’ll see you all later (hopefully, with a new character design). Ja ne!

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