New Anime On My HDTV!

Not much happening lately. I’ve been talking to some girls I hadn’t talked to in ages three nights ago. Shien, the adopted girl (just kidding, she’s not really adopted, but I only tease her about it to get a rise out of her), caught up on times with me. She’s already 19… makes me realize just how old I am when the younger girls are getting older everyday. Rittu is still in the city, studying hard and having fun too, asking me to hang out with her when I come down. Lea San still wants me to return to either see her for her graduation ceremony or her birthday. I went chat crazy for two nights, and now I’m all chatted out. Last night, I decided to do some fooling around with my laptop. I hooked her up to my HDTV with S-Video and composite-audio cables and turned on some anime… daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!! It looks sooooooo wicked awesome! Esmond and I watched three eps of D.N.Angel, then mom joined us and we watched two eps of Long Vacation. Fun!

Today, I did the shipment. Mind you, I’m still a newbie at it, so I’m not as fast at it like Lee is. He helped me out later on, and we finished it in less than an hour. Chad finally bought his computer, which I set up and optimized for him. I paid off my mom for paying off my laptop so I could get it early. I picked up my copy of Command & Conquer Colllection. I also bought some longer cables for my laptop to run to my HDTV. Throughout all this, I forgot one thing – my RRSP loan payment! I’m so lucky that I still had money leftover in my account, because I was worried that I would have two missed payments on my record there. Whew. Well, off to bed now.

Current Drama: Long Vacation – 7 [T-N]
Current Anime: Avenger – 5 to 6 [A-Keep], Full Metal Panic! – 1 to 3 [A-Factory & A-Fansubs]

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