New job contemplation.

Yeah, so I’m thinking about getting a new job. The thing is, I have no other skills other than fixing computers… or anything having to do with computers. This world is so crazy, I’d like to get a job learning skills that can actually help me when things go rough, but I’m not built for that kind of stuff.

On the other hand, I don’t mind desk jobs. I like working in an office environment doing paperwork and that sort of thing. Answering phones is something I’d like to shy away from, but it comes with any job nowadays.

I’d like to take my writing more seriously, though. However, it would help if I actually had an entire book written before thinking about publishing or doing writing full time. I’d also like to get going on manga. Once again, though – I need completed material. I used to like composing music when I was working on MODs back in the day, but I have no musical knowledge. I also used to be a pretty decent actor, but I didn’t like being in the spotlight. I’m already antisocial as it is, why have hordes of fans and paparazzi after me all the time?

So, it looks like I’m in a loop. The only way to start doing what I like is to quit my job and do these things full-time. On the other hand, the only way to pay off my bills is to keep doing this job or find a job of equal pay – but that’s just ridiculous. As much as I want to quit, reality keeps me in place. I just have to keep telling myself, “I need to pay off my loans first, then I can start doing what I want.”

I never realized how good I had it before I started working out there. I had an entire day to myself, with the occasional errand to run from time to time, followed by work in the evening at the WP. However, due to my spite of the restaurant, I wanted to find another job. Well, I did. Guess what, though? I’m still working at the restaurant at least a couple times a week. Well, a couple years is all I need to get back on my feet – pay off my loans (which is actually coming along quite nicely), save up for university, and just bear with it unless something better comes along.

Okay, enough of this crap. Idol wallpaper time! ^_^ (EDIT: Ignore this. The images went missing after the move to

“Okay, what gives?” You’re probably wondering. “There’s two wallpapers for work?”

Hear me out. I couldn’t decide on which photo to set as my wallpaper at work. It’s really difficult, you see. I could go with the girl next door Mayuko-chan with the cute expression on her face, wearing the cute sewn scarf and bra; or the sexy babe Mayuko-chan, with that smoldering look of raw sexuality on her face. It’s so hard to choose!! ;_; So, I chose both. I’ll just alternate between them for a bit. There, problem solved.

OMG, is THAT why I’m still single? XD

Current Music: KOTOKO – Hitorigoto

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  1. What about a web comic? Ever consider doing one?

  2. You should read my earlier posts. I’m planning one out, but with all the time constraints I have and the stress I get from work, it’s getting harder to get a project like that done in a reasonable amount of time.

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