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Well, I guess not much is new. I just received my “Nihon-jin ni Naritai” t-shirt, as well as my Transfer Student ren’ai game. I also decided to clear out Ami-chan and reinstall Win98 on it, just to see if I can get Tokimeki Check in! working without the text stretching out. I finally figured out the problem, though. Whenever I installed Office 2000, it would install the “Arial Unicode MS” font if I selected International Support. So, after deleting that font, I got the fonts to stop stretching, but the wrong font is displayed. After messing around with backup Asian fonts, everything was in working order again. I even posted a fix on the Peach Princess BBS.

Oh, I guess I forgot to say that I had my hair colored red on Saturday. Whoops. It’s almost the end of the week and I forgot to mention that little tidbit. My CDJapan order is also on the way: Hitomi: flow/BLADE RUNNER, Kelly Chan: ASK, Kelly Chan: Grace, and CALMI CUORI APPASSIONATI “Blu” (a Japanese movie). For those of you J-Pop fans who don’t know, Kelly Chan is a long-time Hong Kong vocalist and actress. Her C-Pop is one of my favorites, and her music is like Hamasaki Ayumi’s in Japan – euro-remixed like crazy!! I have about 5 of her albums, but she’s made way too many albums, so there’s no way I can keep up with her. She recently broke into J-Pop after starring in Lavender, and now she’s in the Japanese movie scene! I haven’t heard her J-Pop yet, so that’s why I bought both the single and her album. sw33t!

Also, my Comic Party DVD boxed set is on the way too. I can’t wait to watch the whole series, MY BROTHER! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Err… yeah. I’ve been busy learning Japanese and working on the manga, Kitty Kitty Koukou, plus I’ve been trying to start drawing again, but no such luck. If I can somehow start a schedule, I’ll be improving in no time! I hope.

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  1. RED HAIR!!?!~ TAKE PIC, TAKE PIC!! O_O!!! Hitomi’s new PV scares me o.o;


  2. *sweat sweat* Must get money to buy digital camera! O_o

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