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Girl of the Day – Kadena Reon (Kusano Minamo)

It’s all because I mentioned her a couple posts ago that she had to be the next GOTD. For those of you who didn’t know, Reon’s real name is Kusano Minamo, but she goes by her stage name since it catches more attention (although in my opinion, it’s the girl that catches more attention than the name ^_~). She just recently released her VIRGINITY idol DVD, so I’m probably going to pick that up. I downloaded it to take a look – very nice!!! Once again, she plays such a tease while maintaining that cute and innocent look on her face.

I went into work yesterday as I stated in my previous post, but it was all for nothing, no thanks to the fact that it was a day off. I needed to do a few re-images, but nobody was available to remove their entry from the domains, and I was missing a modem to connect them to the domain, so I e-mailed Stan, my manager, to send me one on Monday. All in all, I wasted 7 hours there (although the first two hours were spent chatting to Candace).

Anyway, I ordered a CD-RW/DVD drive (for that Dell laptop I hacked a few months ago) back in January. It never showed up, and since I was busy, I couldn’t e-mail the eBay seller about it as often as possible, so the damn item went past 60 days so I can’t claim back my money or leave a negative feedback for the user. Dumb, eh? Anyway, I ordered another drive from eBay. Hopefully, I’ll actually get this one.

So, temporarily, I’m looking at finding a temporary way to install XP on the damn laptop. I was thinking of using a USB drive to do it, but I don’t actually have one. A card reader and an SD card probably won’t cut it. Setting up a network boot might be a bit too tedious as well. However, I also have an external USB CD-RW drive at work, so I might go to work to pick it up (I can also chat with Candace for a bit on the side).

Anyway, I hope I have enough time on the side to work on the template for this site. Worse comes to worse, I’ll do the same thing I did at work yesterday – work on it on my laptop there. Hehehe. ^_^

Current Music: Hinouchi Emi – hey boy…

I just downloaded Hinouchi’s Dramatiques album, and I’m giving it a first time listen. I really enjoyed her singles – Crying and FREAK! – so I was hopeful when I grabbed this one. So far, I’m really enjoying it. The first couple of songs were very good. She may just make a few spots on my J-Urban playlist!

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