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Finally, I got around to installing the tracker on my website instead of my web server, which was bogging it down, as well as my internet connection. Well, no worries now.

So, I’m sitting here, listening to an old friend, Star Ocean The Second Story Original Soundtrack, getting ready to do some writing. Man, I haven’t been this stoked up to write in a long time. I wonder if it’s due to my lack of any forward momentum these past few years that caused it. Well, time can only tell, I suppose.

ACK. I need to get a DVD burner, but… no thanks to the stupid dentist, he’s ensured that I won’t be able to. If I don’t get the DVD burner, as well as a Wacom tablet, I probably won’t be able to afford one for years. At least three, anyway. Remind me again why I’m moving so hastily? Quite simply put – if I don’t, this vicious cycle of paying bills off only to accumulate more will take hold of my life. Oh, well. Bite the bullet and buy the damn burner and tablet sometime later. If I can pay off my VISA, and put some extra cash into it, then it won’t be a problem.

I want out of this. I want to live a credit-free life. VISA won’t count, since I’ll keep it at a $500 limit and just deposit money when I want to buy something. Heck, I could just quit the bank, since they charge such ridiculous fees for using it anyway. Not only that, but using a VISA has no penalties at all, unless you have one that has an annual fee, but I don’t, so I’m grateful for that. If you can get into a frame of mind that a VISA or MasterCard can be used as a debit card, people would be able to beat this credit system. Mind you, if they come up with something else, that’s okay, I’m sure that there will always be a solution. First things first, on Tuesday, I have to go to the bank and close my overdraft. Talk to them about getting rid of any useless services I don’t need. When I haven’t been using my debit card for anything other than to deposit my check and pay for a couple things a month, why should I lose an extra $20 a month? That makes no sense to me.

Even after the dentist, though, I am beginning to see some kind of progress. It’s already the beginning of the month and I have a surplus. It’s not much right now, since I have to subtract the bills I will have to pay later, but eventually, it will grow from month to month. I only hope it will be enough to move. Speaking of move, I have no idea how to move down yet. Nobody in my family is willing to help me. How nice of them. That’s fine, because the first thing I’m going to do with any extra cash I make down in the city is to change my entire name. I never liked it anyway, and my name doesn’t match with my character. This has been in planning for a while – I plan to disown myself from my family. Harsh, eh? Well, we all have to make sacrifices to live the way we want to live – and I plan to live in Japan in the future – as a full-fledged Japanese citizen. It won’t be hard – I have a few features that many Chinese would consider “Japanese”.

Gosh, I’m ranting again. Time to get cracking on that writing.

Hey, Ian, any ideas on how to move my stuff down as cheaply as possible? I have my desk (which is a 6′ slab of plywood with folding table legs), my chair, two computers, LCD monitor, printer/scanner/copier machine, stereo receiver, four big speakers, a few mini bookshelves, and something like 10 of those Rubbermaid storage bins they sell at Wal-Mart (which has all my small stuff like games, books, magazines, and small children). Toss me up any ideas.

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