New Years Saga.

It was so busy, and lots of things went wrong. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Anyway, not much has happened in the past couple days. I meant to update last night, but it didn’t happen because I was so hungry and tired.

I found out that I didn’t need to return Katamari Damacy until Friday, so I got to keep it for an extra day. Bonus!

Work was kinda rushed. Because of the restaurant, I took off from work at noon, so I had to finish an extra day’s amount of work in half the time. It was crazy – I was doing two things at a time to accomplish this task, and let’s just say that it was rather hectic. I had to go to Hydro in the afternoon to drop off their printer tray, which I fixed in the morning. Come Tuesday, I’ll have lots of tickets to close.

So, after work, Esmond and I went to Subway. They’re the best subs around, now that they have a quick toaster oven. Don’t get me wrong, I like Quizno’s because it’s rare for me to get it due to the fact that it’s only in the city, but I’m happy that Subway is available to me, and it’s quite healthy with a wide variety of veggies. I’m still a bit peeved that they got rid of the spinach.

After that, I dropped Esmond off and went to Roger’s to drop off the game, then I decided to rent Rumble Roses. Since Eugene keeps getting late charges, I finally opened my own account. It’s a pretty fun and sexy game, overall. I don’t know if I would buy it, though. Not much replayability, but quite high on eye-candy. Kinda reminiscent of Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, but with the cheesiness associated with all wrestling games. Don’t get me wrong – all the flashy moves are cool to watch and all, but the whole wrestling genre just reminds me of the melodrama and ridiculous stereotypes associated with wrestling – everybody can be a professional wrestler if you have some kind of uniqueness, getting to the stage requires some kind of intro song and overblown showcase, as well as the increased testosterone levels. When I was a kid, it was the best thing in the world, but I’m not a kid anymore.

Anyway, the WP opened at 14:30, and we didn’t close until 22:00. That sucked. Change the subject.

I read one of Esmond’s Shonen Jump magazines last night, and One Piece has kinda caught my attention. I’ve always loved pirates, what with their “Arr!!” and “Avast ye scalywags!”, eye patches, tiny animals on the shoulder, and wooden peg-legs. I’ll probably go through One Piece for a bit – I’ve been interested in writing a manga-fiction with pirates, ever since the release of Pirates Of The Caribbean and Sid Meier’s Pirates!.

So, I was pretty hard up on what to do about my computer upgrade last night. I could have ordered either the rest of my upgrade, or a new LCD monitor. The monitor I’ve got my eye on is the Samsung SyncMaster 172X. What a beautiful piece of work! I don’t like the look of the base too much, but the fact that it folds up makes up for it! That, and it has a 12ms response time, and it’s pretty affordable on NCIX. Anyway, I digress. I was stuck on what to do, so I woke up this morning and had a kick-ass idea. Wait for now, save up another couple thousand bucks, and buy the PC upgrade and two 172Xs in one shot. I’m inheriting Esmond’s old eMachines 550r, which was a hand-me-down from me, so I can use that with my current 17″ GEM as my Linux workstation. The general plan is to extend my desk – add two shelves, put all three monitors on the top shelf, and my Dolby receiver on the second, so I can free up space on my desk for the towers, scanner, and tablet. I told Dad about this, and he liked the idea, so he’ll help me build it once I get the components and measure them. I can’t wait to get it done!

My web host upgraded to CPanel servers a few months ago without letting me know, but I’m still on the old server. Ouch. I gotta e-mail them and let them know I want that changed.

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