Next Week?

Well, here are the details of the date:

Yes, those ARE empty details! And you know why? Because the date never happened! -_-

I guess I’m coming off as mad. I’m actually not. I was kinda worried and confused. Kim wanted to go to a movie instead of going out for lunch. So, she told me to call her at 6:00 PM. I decided to get some hours in at the WP at the same time, so when 6:00 PM came around, I called and got… some girl? She was kinda rude… I think she might have been Kim’s cousin or sister… anyway, she said that Kim was sleeping. Uhh… right. I left a message with my number. At about 7:15 PM, I called back. Kim was STILL sleeping. Okay, fine. I told the rude girl to wake Kim up so I could find out what was going on, but after a minute, the rude girl told me that Kim didn’t want to wake up. At that point, I thought I was either being stood up or something happened to Kim. Kim finally called back at around 7:30 PM, but I missed her call because I was playing The Longest Journey in the office (-_-). I called her back (and, consequently, found out her last name) and she sounded… sick. She told me that she wasn’t feeling well after I called her in the afternoon, and she overslept, but still felt kinda sick. At that point, I gave her my home number and told her to call me the next day if she was feeling better.

Well, I never got a call, but it occurred to me that she might be working. So, before work started today, I went to her workplace, and she was there. She felt better too, and we talked a bit more. Hehehe, she’s got a hint of a Native-Canadian accent when she says certain words, and it’s kinda cute coming from her. She really felt bad about what happened last night, and wanted to reschedule our date for next week. Well, I’m a flexible person, and we had a chance to talk a bit more. She learned a bit about me and my culture, which she seemed interested in. I learned about her ability to take care of children. She seems to genuinely care about the kids at her workplace, which is a good thing. She came over later on to order some food for herself, and I “delivered” it to her when it was done.

Although we’re not at a boyfriend/girlfriend stage, let alone a dating stage (^_^), she turned out to be a lot different than I expected – in a good way. Of all the girls I chose to ask out, I wonder why I asked her? Oh well, shoot first and ask questions later.

Reminder to self: Need to listen to more J-Pop. I’m getting so deprived that I’m listening to English music! Somebody kill me now! X_x

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  1. *hugs* i am glad you didnt get the bullshit i did! she sounds like a cutie

  2. Well, I’ve been through enough bull$hi7 in my life that if I did get some, I wouldn’t be surprised. Besides, I’m not gonna get all my hopes up on this – I’m still grounded and my feet are firmly planted on the ground – so, if anything happens, I’ll go with it. If nothing happens, then so be it. I refuse to let myself get all worried over something that may or may not be, unless we’re talking about the release of Devil May Cry 2. Hehehe.

  3. *laughs* i havent even played number one. but i remember seeing the preview for it and drooling

  4. You MUST play it! It’s so kick a$$!

  5. *laughs* can you get it for ps1 though? or do you need ps2? and is it translated to english yet?

  6. The first Devil May Cry? It’s for PS2 only. And, yes, it’s been translated to English – good job on the dub even – a long time ago. I believe you can pick it up for $20 US now.

  7. *laughs* babe i am in canada same as you. *smiles8 now all i need is a new tv and a ps2

  8. Ah. Well, I guess I buy so much stuff in US dollars, I’m just used to their prices. Hahaha.

    So… that would be $29.99 CDN.

  9. *laughs* yeah my brother and i are in the works of both getting a new tv and ps2 each. becauxse we both want blood omen 2 and soul reaver 2

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