Nine Nifty Nuggets you Never Knew

1. I snore. A lot when I sleep. And even sometimes when I’m awake. But, Ian? Please, I’ve slept in the same room as him and he never snored THAT badly. And I have the tape recording to prove it! Wahahaha! XD

2. I have a strange obsession with cleanliness. I’m lazy to clean, but once I get started, I won’t stop ’til I get enough!

3. Three is my favorite number in any list, unless I don’t number the list.

4. I can never walk away and say, “I’ll finish this later.” So I won’t! De Han doesn’t sleep or eat until this is done! “YES SIR!” (Watch Best Of The Best)

5. I’ve been roleplaying since Final Fantasy VII came out, and the first PC I made was Hagiwara, although at the time, she was called Akira-chan. I actually started with upgrading the video card, hard drive, and case fan on my original Akira-chan, an eMachines eMonster 550R. The case fan and hard drive wouldn’t fit, so I rigged it so that the case fan sat on top of the open case and the hard drive was kinda propped on a piece of cardboard inside the chassis. Then I ordered the rest of the parts and Hagiwara was finally done (though I got the CD-RW, a DVD-ROM, and a second hard drive later).

6. When I was seven, my favorite band was The Police. He’s not Aussie, but now I think Sting sucks. ROOOOOOXAAANNE!

7. If I had been in Australia, I’d have some kind of a thing here. My cousins went to Australia, if that counts. They never told me what it was like.

8. <EXPLETIVE> is more sophisticated.

9. My favorite personal nickname to date is JGirlChaser, though it’s too “sexist”, so I went with JGirlRapist. Just kidding! I don’t know who Bill Engvall is. And it’s spelled comedian, you idoit.

Confused? Refer to this post.

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