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My Compaq laptop is now gone… rather, I already sold it. I made a slight mistake, though. While I was doing my data backup, I forgot to backup my pictures folder, since I used a different method to do that. Good-bye to all those JGirls pictures, artwork I did, and manga I downloaded. Crap.

Well, I’m not angry. I’m just a little bit upset. Although, if I had the laptop for an extra day, I could have easily retrieved almost everything with this utility I have called Recover My Files. But, as things go, that was that.

Watched the first two episodes of Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~. There was also a special OVA I watched, which follows the timeline between Kaoru leaving the Hanabishi family and his chance meeting with Aoi. He helps out Santa Claus, who just happens to look like Aoi wearing a very sexy Santa costume.

Aoi-chan with no nipples! Sakura at night. Only in Nihon.
Tina, especially, needs nipples!! A ten-foot long firefly squid. Once again, only in Nihon. ^_^;

If you notice two of the screenshots above, the naked girls are nipple-less! They did the same thing in Onegai TWINS, and it’s very upsetting for girls to have no nipples. It could almost be considered a crime in some countries. I would ask that you sign a petition against nipple-less girls, but I don’t have one. I’m too lazy to make one too. So… just wave your fist in the air when you see it, I guess. Anyway, I’m digressing. If you’ve ever read the Ai-Ao manga, you’ll notice that the girls have nipples!! The nipples are so obscenely there that you cannot help but leer until somebody slaps you (‘somebody’ usually being female).

I would ask, “How do you like the new format?”, but it’s not really a new format. I’ve just decided to combine my LJ posts, thereby making LJ redundant. I also added a new feature – click on the song title in the Current Music widget below, and you’ll be able to listen to a sample of the song I’m listening to. Kakko ii desu ne? I’m doing it manually, so it won’t be available all the time, but I hope to get it automated later.

Current Music: Tommy february6 – TOMMY FEBURATTE, MAKARON.

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