No, I will not fix your computer.

Well, I went back to that customer’s place and fixed his computer… until 1:30 AM in the frickin’ morning!!! I had trouble waking up this morning, but I was BUSHED by 8:30 PM tonight. I basically flat-out told my dad, “Take me home. NOW.”

I never liked John. John was a bitter cynic with a rude attitude towards me, or anybody for that matter. He had his own company fixing computers, but he came off as arrogant to me. Now that I actually work with him, I find myself enjoying his company. He understands a lot of the things I do, and he even openly admitted that he enjoyed the J-Pop I was playing at work yesterday! Hahahaha, I guess life really throws you a curve ball, huh? This is a great example of “never judge a book by its cover”. Nowadays, I look forward to working shifts with John, just the two of us, because he talks about all the things I like. He keeps showing me computer utilities and programs I have never heard of. I think he feels like he’s at the same level with me, because he doesn’t have to dumb down his speech and lingo with me, since I understand everything he says. I think it’s generous that he offers me the programs he’s worked so hard to get.

Anyway, I hate fixing people’s computers, and yet, here I go fixing two computers and having two more on schedule for the next two weeks!!! There go my days-off.

I found a little light at the end of the tunnel. Unreal Tournament 2003 arrived at work today! So, I yoinked two copies – one for me and one for James-see’s belated birthday present. Hahahaha, he was pretty glad, but upset that he had to get me something in return. Hahahaha.

And… I have to return the webcam. Now that Stacey is gone, Lee and I collectively agreed that the lady SHOULDN’T get a new computer to replace her “broken” one. I’ve already confirmed that there’s NOTHING wrong with it, so she’s getting it back… which means web cam and all. But, it’s not a big problem, because I have plans to get a QuickCam Pro 3000 (Arigatou gozaimasu, Noriko-san!!!) – and they’re dirt cheap on eBay! Hehehehe. I might even grab a second webcam so I can take pictures of both sides of the room on my two computers. That would rock!

And… that’s a lot of new stuff for just two days. Whoa.

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