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Eugene was driving up from Winnipeg tonight, and we just got word from him that somewhere between Ashern and Grand Rapids, he hit a black bear and totalled his car. He just got that damn thing out of the shop, and not even two weeks later, it’s gonna go right back in. What a crock. He has no luck when it comes to cars. I just hope that I fare better this winter.

I guess I’m driving him to work at 5:30 again.

UPDATE: He didn’t suffer any bodily damage, which is good. He hit the bear on the driver’s side of the front, and the bear was just a cub, possibly 300 lbs or so. From his descriptions, the hood was shoved back and up, the front bumper was damaged, his light was knocked out, and there may be frame damage. He got a ride into town from a friendly family, so the car will need to be towed in by Autopac, as CAA won’t cover an accident.

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  1. Wow, and that was just a cub imagine if he’d hit a adult bear. Maybe too scary to think about…

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