No Update? Not Again!

Okay, I know that you’re wondering why there’s no artwork or JGirlz update yet. That’s because I haven’t had a chance to do it. Argh. Last week was just so bad. I finally got back my GeForce 2 card back from James, but the damn thing still won’t work in my PC. Not only that, but now it freezes up the system when my browser shows GIF animations or Flash. So, I took a drastic step …I made an upgrade.

It’s not just any old upgrade, I made a crazy upgrade. All I needed was a new motherboard, but I didn’t feel like surfing eBay for a Micro-ATX mobo specific to my Slot 1 P-III. No, I decided to get a brand-spanking-new mobo with all the bells and whistles. I picked up one of ASUS’ newest mobo, the A7V333 (also to ensure compatibility with my ASUS V-7700 Ti Deluxe video card), which comes with AGP Pro, USB 2.0, Firewire, and RAID. Due to that, I had to get a new processor (just an Athlon XP 1800+), new RAM (256 MB PC2700), and a new case (Antec SX1030B Black) with matching black floppy drive. OH YEAH!! (Kool-Aid Guy style)

Basically, the upgrade is a bare-bone system. There isn’t even a video card in there. The total came to about $900 CDN. So, I spent a bit more money than I was supposed to ($500 was decent until I started choosing better components). Oh, well. Can’t do much about that …because I got a kick-ass upgrade!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!, etc., etc., et al.

Well, I also just received the two 浜崎あゆみ CDs I’ve been waiting for (ayu-mi-x and Duty). I also bought Dungeon Siege for PC. As if buying import games wasn’t enough. Well, it’s an even trade, since James was gonna get me a copy of his Jedi Knight II. He’s given me more games than I can count, so I owe him.

Anyway, I can’t wait for my PC to come in. I even logged in on roaming access dial-up at work to check the status of my order! They already charged my VISA, so I hope they can assemble and send it out by tomorrow. (Crosses fingers.) Not only that, but 秀俊弟 is coming up to visit this Friday night! YAY! All in all, things are looking up, even though I’m broke. Anybody care to explain THAT one? じゃね!

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